Sysco's New Sustainability Report is Most Comprehensive to-Date

HOUSTON (January 31, 2013 - Globe Newswire)—Sysco Corporation launched its sixth annual and most-comprehensive-to-date sustainability report, which focuses on the company's economic, environmental and social responsibility performance during Fiscal Year 2012.

The report, titled "Good Things Are Our Greatest Responsibility," outlines Sysco's strategic approach to sustainability, including its guiding principles and three focus areas of Food, Operations and Community.

Performance highlights from the 2012 report include:

  • Since 2006, overall energy usage in company warehouses decreased by 19 percent, despite warehouse volumes increasing 18 percent.
  • Continued fleet improvements by adding 55 low-emission liquid natural gas trucks to the company fleet in FY12, bringing the total to 165; and since 2010, purchased more than 2,300 new trucks with low-emission engines.
  • Improved load fill rate of trucks carrying product to Sysco by 180 pounds per truck in FY12, resulting in 1,400 fewer trucks on the road, compared with the prior year.
  • Suppliers in Sysco's Integrated Pest Management Program reported conserving more than 700 million gallons of water in the 2011 growing season.
  • Reduced recordable injuries at U.S. Sysco locations by 26 percent between FY08–FY12.

"Sysco has an established track record of balancing its business needs with stakeholder interests, and we are working to further integrate sustainability into our long-term business strategy," said Bill DeLaney, Sysco's president and chief executive officer.

Sysco's complete 2012 sustainability report is available online and can be found at www.sysco.com. The report and various interactive features and content also will be available soon in a new app, providing ready access to information for mobile-device users. The app will be available in February for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market.


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