Taco Bell tries to harness a marketing opportunity at web-video fest

Taco Bell wants to be where young, hungry eaters are so it's making its presence known at Web video conference VidCon. To show how much connected youth idolize YouTube stars, the fast food company's latest campaign is an almost real-time documentary called Voices of VidCon, released on the last day of the Anaheim, Calif. conference.

"It’s pretty phenomenal to see the passion that these people have for these creators. It's like Beatlemania for the YouTube community. If you don't know that space and you don't know the community being here, this will open your eyes to the passion they have," said Tressie Lieberman, Taco Bell's director of digital marketing and social platforms.

The documentary follows the VidCon journey of several YouTube content creators, including online star Bethany Mota and up-and-comer So Sonia, a singer named Sonia Eryka from Jakarta who wants to make it big in the scene. Eryka was discovered after the fast food chain made a call out on Twitter for a YouTuber who would be interested in sharing his or her story. The production work was done in conjunction with Soul Pancake.

While the documentary will live on the Taco Bell YouTube channel, there isn't any other overt product placement or unnatural mentions of the brand in the documentary, Lieberman emphasized.

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