Technology: McLane Tests Smart Handheld for Independents

Called Smart Handheld for Independents (SHHi), it gives small chains the same capabilities to manage their physical inventories and order placements that large chain operations have, according to a CSP Magazine report.

The logic behind the system, which McLane targets to its independent c-store and retail customers, could apply to independent restaurants, as well. Namely, it helps accounts with fewer resources to invest in leading edge technology that automates everyday tasks and increases efficiency.

Based on feedback from single-store and small-chain customers, McLane developed the specifications around the SHHi system to address real-world requirements. SHHi gives users the ability to track order history, create orders and track upcoming distributions, all from a single device. It integrates with McLane Premium Order Management Suite, which simplifies tasks such as order procurement, item and category management, inventory turns and manufacturer compliance.

SHHi will be available for customers by early September 2009 after beta testing with a pre-set customer group is complete, McLane said in the CSP report.


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