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Food Prep Gets a Technology Makeover for Safety

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Food preparation and food safety go hand-in-hand. Nothing is more important to your business than preparing, storing and serving food that meets your high standards.

With that in mind, if your restaurants are still handwriting food rotational or nutrition/grab n’ go labels, those labels can be impossible to read and usually leave no audit trail for food safety tracking purposes. Today, with HACCP compliance on every operator’s mind, food label terminals can automate the food labeling process and decrease food waste by printing perfectly legible labels with calculated accuracy. These advanced machines can improve customer satisfaction by helping to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are served first, and improve the bottom line by speeding up a highly labor-intensive process.

Recently, the food label printer terminal has gone through another technology makeover and now integrates with BOH restaurant management software. These new hybrid food prep workstation products combine a kitchen-tough, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled food label printer with BOH food prep and inventory management software. The combination of these two things is an important step in BOH food safety compliance for the industry and consumers.

These technologically advanced integrated food safety terminals are designed to work in seamless connection with a back office system to:

  1. Eliminate food expiration date errors
  2. Suggest accurate food prep quantities
  3. Make food prep faster
  4. Integrate with inventory operations

A fully integrated prep planning and recipe display station can connect kitchen prep functions with the “mother-ship” enterprise back-office system to suggest food prep quantities that incorporates sales forecasts, intra-day POS transactions, and historical consumption patterns. This level of accuracy provides the restaurant team with the ability to review the day’s prep plan, perform prep as required by the flow of the business and print and record accurate prep labels.

These new systems seamlessly connect the prep staff’s activities directly to the back office system, immediately updating inventory levels that can trigger prep and purchasing alerts. 

What makes these systems even more appealing to restaurants is that they display recipe information, production instructions, food temperature readings, plating instructions, recipe pictures, video, cost information and nutritional and allergen information. 

So the next time a customer asks, “What’s in this?” any staff member in the restaurant can simply look up the menu item recipe and view all the nutritional and allergen information.

If you would like more information about how CrunchTime can improve your back office operations, reach out to us here for a demo.

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