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Prepare for college basketball watch parties with top tech investments

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Competition is ramping up—and not just among popular college basketball teams preparing to face each other in national tournaments. Restaurants will be competing for business from diners who come in to watch those basketball games, too, so it’s important for operators to prepare now for the coming rush. Driving sales during special events, offering great deals on drinks and food and—of course—making sure there’s reliable broadcasting of the games is critical. Here are a few ways restaurants can set themselves apart from the competition—and ensure a great experience for basketball fans all season long.

Promotion for game events

The first part of getting diners in the door to watch sports programming is, of course, letting them know that sports broadcasts will be available. Some sports bars only offer certain games, leading customers to seek out alternate destinations. Operators should implement multi-channel—including social—promotion of specific sports games and associated food or drink specials, with a strategy of perpetual awareness being the goal—diners, when looking for somewhere to watch their favorite team, should be able to easily find a nearby place to do so. This can be achieved through targeted advertising and promoted posts, especially on brand social accounts.

Tailor-made tech solutions

Operators will also need to source tailor-made TV offerings for their businesses. Single-unit restaurants will have different needs than multi-unit chains, for instance, and will benefit from working with a tech provider that thoroughly understands the needs of multi-unit businesses, such as connectivity, support and more. DIRECTV for BUSINESS is proud to offer packages designed for the unique needs of multi-unit clients, including customized pricing solutions, consolidated billing solutions and custom-built operations models, as well as franchise support capabilities and the ability to grow and adapt with business’ needs. Working with a broadcasting provider knowledgeable in multi-chain programming needs is key for ensuring smooth service and, in turn, happy, repeat customers who come back game after game.

Reliable game-time programming

Of course, marketing and promotions fall flat if the game isn’t actually on the TVs at the restaurant advertising them. Faulty reception and spotty service can cause problems beyond upset customers—lost revenue, and a poor reputation surrounding sports entertainment offerings can have significant impact on a business touting itself as a destination to watch big games. For that reason, it is crucial for operators to choose tech providers known for their reliability. DIRECTV for BUSINESS, for example, offers entertainment packages designed to support multi-location businesses, including chain restaurants. For brands with more than 25 locations the DIRECTV National Accounts Program offers one-on-one service, exclusive sports coverage and the convenience and simplicity of using one provider across all locations. A range of premium content, such as college basketball tournaments, along with 99% system reliability and a dedicated account manager and field services team—not to mention a National Accounts support team available 24/7—make DIRECTV the premier tech solution for operators looking to keep guests entertained all year long.

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