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Protect your restaurant's data

The National Restaurant Association has adapted keystone data safety precautions specifically for the restaurant industry.
Digital Security
Photo courtesy of National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association has adapted keystone data safety precautions—developed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology—specifically for the restaurant industry.

At its core are five functions to help you keep your restaurant data secure from thieves:

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

Using these five functions as a foundation, you can build a very effective basic data security plan for your operation that will go a long way toward protecting your business from costly breaches. Think of the NIST framework like an HACCP plan for digital safety. By putting in place a basic plan that fits your unique situation, you’ll be better positioned to avoid cyber threats to your restaurant and maintain the security of your employee, operation, and customer data.

Download the free guide here.

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