The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Presto to double down on drive-thru AI under new leadership

Interim CEO Krishna Gupta plans to continue what he helped his college buddy Rajat Suri start back in 2008. Suri stepped down as CEO this week.


It's time to end the virtual brand charade

Tech Check: Uber Eats is doing the right thing by cracking down on misleading listings. But it should take the new policy a step further.

Deepening the partnership with Amazon, the move is designed to make ordering at home even easier, and hands-free.

When people think about automation in foodservice, they often picture cold, indifferent efficiency—the last things any operator wants to provide in a great customer experience. In reality, automation ...

The delivery app is cracking down on restaurants that duplicate menus under different names and doing more to connect restaurants with established concepts.

The founder of the restaurant automation company will move on to other endeavors while the board searches for his replacement.

The delivery company is partnering with Transact, a widely used campus payments app, to give students easy access to its restaurant marketplace.

The company is operating fewer delivery-only food trailers and instead working to license the technology behind them.

Who has the best deep-dish in Chicago? ChatGPT has some ideas, thanks to a new integration with the reservations website.

The fast-food burger giant is adding new functionality on mobile orders that uses geofencing technology to help teams start orders while customers are on their way.

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