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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

5 ways integrated back-office systems increase restaurant efficiency

This integration can help operators streamline operations, remove error, save time and deliver savings to the bottom line. Here are five reasons why.


A thermometer so smart, you can always keep your cool  

When it comes to restaurants, retail foodservice, and non-commercial kitchens, there’s one vital component of food handling that must be perfected: temperature. But operators already know that. Operat...

Because cuts, lacerations and punctures account for the greatest number of back-of-house injury claims (a reported 22% in restaurants, retail foodservice, and non-commercial kitchens), it’s important ...

Parent Dine Brands plans to invest in capabilities ranging from better in-store Wi-Fi to geolocation systems that signal the arrival of a takeout customer.

The Phoenix test, expected to be expanded to additional markets this spring, will allow customers and store managers to track drivers.

On display at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show, Alto-Shaam’s cutting-edge equipment allows operators to streamline their business.

Experts share what the future of off-premise partnerships may look like.

Almost two-thirds believe the pace of change is outstripping their ability to stay abreast, according to a new study.

Enlightened Hospitality Investments boosted fast-casual chain Dig Inn earlier this week.

Restaurants are looking at delivery’s playbook to update the process. But not all the same rules apply.

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