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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

4 benefits of back-of-house automation

Restaurants must maintain an edge in the way they provide for and respond to their customers’ needs.


5 ways restaurants can use technology to attract Hispanic consumers

Operators who use technology to attract Hispanic diners can build loyalty and attract new customers, too.

These questions, which come from conversations with chefs and industry experts, can help you figure out with tech investment is worth it.

Check out these four key areas of technology that are disrupting the established way of doing things and creating opportunities for restaurants.

The delivery provider has also launched a service letting customers order ahead and pick it up at the restaurant for free.

The new company aims to make bitcoin more consumer-friendly.

The delivery giant strategically adds the digital ordering and loyalty platform to its portfolio.

These forward-thinking operations are taking operations beyond basic apps and equipment.

And only one of those new staff members is human.

More popular than any other pay-by-smartphone app, according to a recent survey.

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