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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Why actual vs. theoretical food cost is such a big deal

Some restaurants today are adding millions of dollars of revenue to their bottom lines by measuring and controlling their food costs.


Thinking mobile? Top 5 benefits of using handheld devices in your operations

Handheld devices are becoming more popular, and many operators are turning to them due to the proven benefits they offer the restaurant, staff and guests.

Consumers today love choice. Whether bidding on hotel rooms, searching low priced flights or shopping to get the best deal, choice is a mainstay today, and it’s something we’ve come to expect.

The Apple Watch is one piece of wearable technology that promises to be an incredible productivity tool for the restaurant industry.

When scale, accuracy, control, and smarter reporting matter, those old spreadsheets fall short. Inventory software picks up where spreadsheets leave off.

HOUSTON - Frederick Casinelli has been named executive vice president of Sysco Corp.'s Philadelphia subsidiary, according to the locally-based...

Today, new technology and apps allow diners to personalize their own entertainment experience.

Senior Associate Editor Sara Rush looks at the year’s biggest advances in technology and the questions those innovations raised.

Brainstorming technophiles came up with a detailed model.

It’s not an if, but a when for these technologies to hit the restaurant space, according to operators at this year’s Restaurant Innovation Summit.

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