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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Takeout of tomorrow

In today’s ordering process, tablets, Bluetooth printers, apps and other advances spell efficiency.


10 tech takeaways from the NRA Show

Attendees learned how technology is changing the restaurant business in ways both subtle and profound.

The trouble with third-party delivery services is the impact it can have on brands. Any issue with product quality, consumers look to the restaurant.

Features to consider when building an app.

Operators share their secrets for boosting efficiency and check averages with touchscreen ordering.

Answers to plenty of pressing restaurant problems were served up during the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix.

Fine-dining restaurants and upscale food vendors, typically wary of participating in online deal programs, are taking a careful look at LivingSocial Gourmet, LivingSocial’s invitation-only channel for food-savvy consumers.

Zeroing in on 1 million fans on its Facebook page, CiCi’s Pizza is ready to branch out to other social media platforms, most notably Instagram and FourSquare, two places where its guests are spending a lot of time.

Instead of stagnant pages, some restaurants are adopting a scrolling home page that hits the brand’s main talking points without forcing click-throughs.

Chains are scrambling to develop phone apps, pay-at-the-table options and other digital whistles and bells. But which of those do customers really want?

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