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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Nextbite lays off 'less than 10%' of staff amid strategy change

The virtual brand company cited "rapidly evolving industry changes" for the layoffs, but did not go into detail.


3 tips for choosing an entertainment provider

Here are three things foodservice operators should consider when selecting an entertainment provider.

Tech Check: Despite operators’ efforts, the apps are proving to be a tough habit for customers to break.

The big lobbying group argued the caps will ultimately hurt the restaurants they’re designed to help.

Proponents say the autonomous vehicles could ease the driver shortage while also making deliveries more efficiently.

The loyalty provider believes the addition of ZeroStorefront will help restaurants better compete with third-party delivery providers.

Marco’s and Jet’s are testing artificial intelligence to take calls and texts. Also, Brinker expands its use of drone delivery and Nextbite adds plant-based chicken to the menu.

The burrito chain, which faced widespread foodborne illness outbreaks in 2015, said the radio-frequency identification system will help it better respond to food safety and quality worries.

Audley Wilson and Dan Braido built RoboBurger in a garage. Now they want to expand the concept nationwide. “We’re really trying to build a brand.”

Tech Check: From the outside, there’s nothing unusual about the food court at the Mall of India in Naperville, Ill. The kitchen is a different story.

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