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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

The new labor landscape

Labor is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing restaurant operators today.


3 features to look for in an EMV solution

Do you have an EMV strategy for your restaurant? If not, now is the time to put together a strategy to protect your business and your customers.

Having a strategic, cohesive online existence can generate new business while strengthening the behavioral loyalty of existing customers.

Service, seating, lighting and even TV and music options all play important parts in a customer’s overall impression of a restaurant.

Technology shifts in restaurant point-of-sale business are happening, and in many ways, these changes will alter the consumer experience while dining out.

A back office technology solution optimizes restaurant labor costs by consistently finding the perfect balance of staffing requirements-to-sales projections, day-in and day-out.

As consumers become increasingly savvy about their coffee preferences, it’s smart business to do your homework before selecting a brewing system for your restaurant.

Daily food prep and waste tracking are the two most effective ways a restaurant chain can strengthen their food-cost management controls.

Learn how one operator has come a long way in a short time thanks to emerging POS technology.

Here are five reasons why it pays to invest in high-quality coffee equipment.

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