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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

TGI Fridays enhances online offerings through Amazon Alexa and Amazon Pay

Guests are now able to place an order, pay their bill or make a reservation using just their voice.


Meet Las Vegas' mixology robots

Tipsy Robot is betting the efficiency and novelty of its cyborg bartenders will be the foundation for a new concept.

For chefs, music is often as important as the knives they cart around. While chefs tend to avoid music during restaurant service, prep is another matter.

While standard practice in other industries—hotels and airlines use it constantly—yield management models are still fairly new to the restaurant sector.

Recently, many big brands have started bringing professionals into the c-suite to head up tech efforts—from security and payment in the age of data breaches to consumer-facing mobile apps.

The consumer experience at the bar looks different than it did a few years ago, from tablets that serve as virtual sommeliers to self-serve tap systems.

Facing competition from independents, chains find techie ways to sell their local appeal.

Restaurants are focusing on digital platforms that make it convenient to order and pay for takeout with a tablet, smartphone or voice-controlled personal assistant and skip the line at pickup.

CaliBurger says the technology is part of its strategy to compete against Amazon in the digital world.

When a New Orleans journalist reached out to an enthusiastic beer blogger and a trend-bucking restaurant owner for an article on restaurants offering better beers, little did he know he’d be playing matchmaker.

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