Technomic: Family Dining Segment Ripe for Renewed Growth

CHICAGO, IL (Oct. 16, 2009)—Here's a bit of hopeful news for distributors servicing the family-dining segment. According to research company Technomic Inc., the iconic industry segment may just be ripe for significant renewed growth.

Why? Family dining restaurants represent one of the largest segments of the foodservice industry and a unique American tradition, the company notes. They are trust-worthy brands that serve up values for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacking. While some chains need to revitalize their menu and decor, family dining has managed to weather the recessionary storm better than their casual dining counterparts. In fact, recent Technomic research indicates that many of today's value-conscious consumers actually prefer family dining restaurants for several dining occasions.

"Moms in particular are often likely to choose a family-dining restaurant due to their kid-friendly menus and atmospheres, and the real value offered by these restaurants," says Ron Paul, president of Technomic. "At this time we believe our supplier-clients should pay special attention to family dining. Few other operator-customers offer the breadth of menu items, often serving at least three meals a day."

The current state of affairs for the family dining segment will be explored in Technomic`s current study, Family Dining: The Next Generation. Related findings fueling the need for this research include:

Over half of consumers (51%) view family-style restaurants as the most suitable restaurant choice for breakfast.

Family-style restaurants have experienced slightly fewer consumers cutting back by visiting less often, but purchasing less expensive food items than casual dining restaurants.

Leading family dining chains, compared to leading casual dining chains, prove to be a significantly more appealing option for moms and rate higher to providing family friendly experiences.

Technomic's study, Family Dining: The Next Generation, provides insights to help manufacturers and distributors effectively and efficiently target this segment. It is tailored to a supplier's product line and includes a selling guide for chains studied. The research will also include exclusive consumer insights, which will be offered to restaurant operators. To learn more, please contact Ron Paul at 312-876-0004, or rpaul@technomic.com


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