Three Distributors Join Golbon

Flavor Foods LLC of El Paso, Texas, established in 1996, distributes within a 100-mile radius of its headquarters and into southern New Mexico. Future plans include exporting to Mexico.

Flavor Foods product offerings consist of all temperatures and foodservice categories. Expansion planned for this month will add 600 sq.ft. of additional warehouse capacity.

River City Provisions, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, was established in 2001 as a COP distributor servicing its home base and surrounding areas. Over the past five years, it expanded their product offerings to include refrigerated, frozen, canned, dry and non-foods categories.

Hearn Kirkwood of Hanover, MD, is one of Golbon's founding charter members and recently resigned its affiliation with another group to return to Golbon.

Hearn Kirkwood is a further processor of produce and has earned a reputation as an industry leader in this area. It focuses on center-of-the-plate and produce. Hearn Kirkwood is also interested in developing support products in the area of refrigerated and frozen products.


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