Tibersoft and Actuate Partner to Deliver New Reporting Solutions

Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform will be embedded into the Tibersoft IQ suite of products to provide greater visibility into product movement information for foodservice distributors, operators and manufacturers, and to support the reporting needs of thousands of users located across the country, the two companies said.

Tibersoft has been providing information solutions designed to help the foodservice industry cultivate and grow profitable trading partner relationships with one another. Using Actuate's scalable platform, Tibersoft's data management and analytical solutions will be enhanced to help foodservice operators and manufacturers better manage and leverage their sales and purchasing activities.

"Our success depends on our clients having actionable supply chain information that drives better collaboration with their trading partners," said Keith Enstice, ceo of Tibersoft.

"Working with Tibersoft to deliver mission critical reporting to the foodservice industry trading partners validates Actuate's ability to scale and provide the flexibility to improve corporate performance and deliver significant cost savings," said Nobby Akiha, vice president of marketing for Actuate.


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