Two Software Providers Team Up to Improve Perishables Procurement

Amphire Solutions, located here, and Foodlink Online, Torrence, CA, yesterday established a partnership to provide their software services to perishable foods procurement, the companies said.

Amphire's trading community currently has more than 30,000 foodservice brokers, buying and selling groups, distributors, operators and suppliers actively using its on-demand applications.

Food Link Online has several of the nation's largest retailers and wholesaler/distributors such as Hold USA, U.S. Foodservice, Supervalu, C&S Wholesale Grocers and Path mark Stores. Food Link Online's base of customers also consists of a vast array of suppliers in all perishable food categories including produce, meat, seafood, floral, deli, bakery and dairy.

"Amphire has been seeking a collaborative offering for perishables to further consolidate its position as the leading technology provider in foodservice," said Mark Barnekow, Amphire's president and ceo. "We have evaluated the other collaboration and demand management solutions in the market for perishables and believe that FoodLink Online clearly has the most competitive products. The FoodLink Online offering will provide immediate value to the perishables trading community within Amphire's extensive customer base."

"Amphire and FoodLink Online not only have major strengths in their respective marketplaces, but also have solutions and customers that are very complementary," added Vijay Yajnik, president and ceo of FoodLink Online. "We believe that by partnering it will enable us to provide robust and integrated applications for the food community. Both Amphire and FoodLink Online will provide a much stronger value proposition and a single source for Internet based solution applications. They will enable our customers to streamline their procurement and supply chain processes in consumer foods, packaged goods, and perishables, achieving optimal efficiency."


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