U.S. Foodservice-Phoenix and Teamsters Settle Labor Issues

The settlement relates to alleged supervisor conduct during and shortly after the union’s organizing campaign and representation election in August and September 2008. At that time, a majority of the Phoenix division employees voted against joining the union.

“The settlement resolves outstanding issues between the division and the local union and avoids the cost and time of the formal hearing and appeals process, which could have taken years to reach closure,” said Tom Kertis, president of the Phoenix Division. “Most importantly, the settlement enables the company and its employees to devote their full attention to our top priority — helping our customers win in this very difficult economy.”

Employees were notified Monday that the division will recognize Teamsters Local 104 as the collective bargaining representative for drivers, mechanics and warehouse employees at the Phoenix Division.

“We are committed to negotiating a contract with Local 104 that is fair to our workers and competitive in the Arizona marketplace,” Kertis said. “We will bargain in good faith and with an open mind. We have a long-term obligation to our employees to negotiate an agreement that maintains our competitive advantages and allows us to continue to go above and beyond for our customers.”

Kertis said that supervisors at the Phoenix facility have completed formal training about the National Labor Relations Act and are prepared to fully comply with applicable rules and regulations.


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