The week in ideas, July 8, 2013

Strange wind patterns erupted across the nation as the restaurant industry released a collective sigh of relief as the Obamacare employer mandate was delayed. But is it delayed, or is it dead. That idea and more in The Week in Ideas.

Idea #1: A new beer can. The craft beer revolution has brought a renewed appreciation for beer cans. Sly Fox Brewing Co. out of Pennsylvania has now reimagined the can itself, introducing a peel-off top that leaves the entire top of the can open, allowing the aroma of the beer to waft about.

Idea #2: Eat alone. Some people feel awkward about eating alone in restaurants but a new eatery in Amsterdam has only small tables with single chairs. It requires customers come solo. The restaurant is part culinary endeavor, part social experiment. As its creator says, she wanted to give people "food for thought."

Idea #3: The employer mandate is delayed, it’s dead. That sound you heard last week? The collective sigh of relief from the industry as the Obama administration announced the delay of the onerous employer mandate within the Affordable Care Act. But is the mandate delayed or is this a preliminary move to kill the unpopular provision? The chattering class wants to know.

Idea #4: Dose your waitress. As we’ve said before, the Week in Ideas highlights all ideas, the good, the bad and this one: a Manhattan restaurant owner has been accused of tricking one of his waitresses into eating psychedelic mushrooms.


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