The Week in Ideas, March 16, 2012

A possible idea for longevity in the Bronx. An idea for your mascot from Papa Johns. A hot promotion from New Zealand. And, no, that's not oregano at Iowa City's Hawk Dawgs Deli & Grill.

Idea #1: Don’t let Francis Ford Coppola in. Turns out the seminal restaurant scene in "The Godfather"—which turns 40 this year—when Michael pops Solozzo and police Capt. McCluskey was meant to be filmed at Mario’s Restaurant on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, a restaurant mentioned in Mario Puzo’s book. Owners turned him down, so Coppola filmed at nearby Louie’s Restaurant on White Plains Road in the Bronx. Louie’s closed soon after. Mario’s? Turning 93 this year.

Idea #2: Tie down your mascot costume. Go to minute 2:30 on this video and watch the upper left hand corner.

Idea #3: Pizza Roulette. New Zealand-based Hell Pizza has a new pizza. Just like a regular pizza, except one slice—and you don’t know which slice it is—contains the hottest chili “known to mankind." Is this a good idea? If the idea is to generate publicity? Yes.

Idea #4: Get a second income. But maybe not this one. The owner of Iowa City, Iowa’s Hawk Dawgs Deli & Grill was arrested on suspicion of selling marijuana and using the cash to keep the restaurant afloat. The owner—27-year-old Ryan Foust—could be charged with money laundering as well. The restaurant says it has a “chill environment, local owners who care and work hard to bring you the freshest toppings on all hot dogs, gyros, Italian beef and chicken.” Customers might want to inspect those fresh toppings a little more closely.


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