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4 ways to get your staff to live your restaurant's values

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For many operators, their restaurant is an extension of their core values—and perhaps one of the inspirations for opening the restaurant in the first place. A restaurant can be your place to share what you’re passionate about and the values that are important to you. For example, do you believe in only sourcing your produce locally, or the sustainability of our oceans?

If your restaurant is founded on values or issues that are important to you personally, it’s important that your staff also be on board with that vision. Here are four ways to ensure they are.

Interview well.

From the very beginning, remember that ideally, you want staff members who are also passionate about the issues your restaurant represents. When interviewing potential employees, tell them what values inspired your restaurant and what values are part of the culture of your restaurant. Explain your vision and ask specific questions to gauge their interest. Try to hire staff who are equally passionate about what your restaurant stands for and who want to work toward that common goal.

Educate them.

Include education as part of the training process for every hire from the start. This is important for both front of house and back of house staff. Try to think of this process as more than just giving them the talking points they’ll need to use with customers. Try to inspire them to care about these values also. If you come across an interesting article, share it with the staff. If a new supplier is coming is, invite some staff to join you for the meeting.

Listen to them.

Keep communication channels open with your staff and create an environment where they also feel comfortable talking about their values. Mutual respect builds solid relationships, and the more personally invested in your restaurant your staff is, the harder they’ll work toward those shared goals.

Pay attention.

Expecting staff to do more than just take orders and serve food requires a special kind of person and relationship. Be sure that you acknowledge when people are going above and beyond and take the time to say thank you where appropriate.

Having a restaurant that’s about more than just food can be a challenge, but with the right staff it can be the most rewarding kind of work. Learn more about training your staff here. 

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