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How to streamline service call needs without corporate staff support

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At the onset of the pandemic, one of the unfortunate effects for many restaurant brands—beyond the extreme dip in traffic and dining room closures—was the elimination of corporate facility and real estate department staff. The logic, of course, being that if the restaurants themselves weren’t open, that there wasn’t an immediate need for a team on-call for repairs and maintenance.

As the economy began to recover, restaurants were able to ride the wave of openings and closings with a skeleton crew in the kitchen. But with dining rooms reopening now, too, it’s clear that the skeleton crew staff won’t be enough for many brands. Repairs and maintenance, which may have been put off during the pandemic, are overdue, and beyond that, locations are being reconfigured to adapt to current demands—long-term takeout and curbside pickup service, for instance. For that reason, many operators are rethinking the way they manage support, repair and maintenance in their restaurants. What’s more, due to the time-crunch presented by immediate needs, paired with a labor shortage in these departments, it’s important to consider alternatives.

For instance, should brands hire facilities staff or shift responsibilities to the restaurant managers? Or is there another way?

Benefits of outsourcing

Brands have long outsourced repairs and maintenance, but in today’s economy, they’re demanding more transparency and control—clear pricing ahead of time, data for improving operations and repair outcomes and the ability to partner with their outsourced help to optimize their provider network. That’s where working with a provider such as ServiceChannel can help.

ServiceChannel has more than 70,000 service providers in its network and uses the industry’s richest data to select the best providers. With this network, restaurant operators have access to reliable, available service providers for everything from kitchen repairs to front-of house maintenance and everything in between. What’s more, because the providers have been vetted by ServiceChannel, restaurants can feel confident in their choice—no hiring one company to do the job, then needing to hire a second to do the job all over again in a few weeks. With ServiceChannel providers, operators get the work they need done fast and reliably.

Delivering the “Perfect” Work Order: Average Network vs Top Performing Network

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Cost savings, time savings and more

By working with providers who offer reliable service, operators can enjoy up to a 30% reduction in costs, a 50-100% improvement in speed and a 20% improvement in quality measurements. What’s more, there’s accountability, visibility and transparency. Operators can eliminate wasteful spend by using providers with a good track record and can ensure that location staff stay informed on work-order details through on-demand communications from ServiceChannel. In other words, there’s no surprises to be worried about; the job gets done right the first time.

Combing through the data to accurately predict costs and performance

data part 1

data part 2

Without corporate support staff sourcing service providers—or keeping the work in-house—operators may be feeling the pressure right now. ServiceChannel can help; find out more at www.servicechannel.com/solutions today.

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