Union scores another victory inside Burgerville

Photograph: Shutterstock

The staff of another Burgerville quick-service restaurant—the second in a week—has voted to unionize, expanding organized labor’s influence to 11% of the chain.  

The vote by crewmembers of a unit near the convention center in Portland, Ore., concluded two days after their colleagues in another store in the Northwestern city similarly opted to be represented by the Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the Wobblies. 

The secret ballot raised the number of Burgerville restaurants represented by the Wobblies to five. The chain consists of 45 restaurants, all in the Pacfiic Northwest.

The Wobblies are trying to organize the employees of another chain operating in that area, 23-unit Little Big Burger, a holding of multiconcept operator Chanticleer holdings. The union’s unofficial affiliate serving that chain, Little Big Union, has petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to approve and monitor elections.

The Wobblies affiliate associated with Burgerville, the Burgerville Workers Union, is the only federally recognized quick-service-restaurant union in the nation. 


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