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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Cava offers paid leave to all workers on Election Day

The chain is also providing state-specific voter education to its employees.


Cross-training staff eases the labor crunch

Employees with dual roles can help address the shortage of skilled workers.

A new study shows a huge gap between the pay required by law and what employees in demand are actually making.

The requirement was a concession to opponents of the tip credit, who lost a second, more official vote yesterday.

Leading operators share their top concerns—and how they are coping.

A comparison of various research snapshots shows how aligned staff pay and restaurant performance are—or are not.

But the slight deceleration won’t be enough to knock retention off the top of most operators’ worry lists, says People Report.

The new benefit gives all workers access to 10 days of subsidized care for children and seniors each year.

A comprehensive new study shows restaurants’ reputation as a workplace may be better than believed, yet they could be missing ways to boost retention among young folks.

Top operators share how they are coping with workforce challenges.

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