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Menu Strategies is a revolutionary new monthly newsletter that crosses the boundaries between commercial and non-commercial foodservice, spotlighting the best in menu ideas. Whether it's fine-dining, C&U, B&I or K-12, Menu Strategies will focus on trends and provide practical illustrations in the form of recipes and menu examples to help keep operators' business relevant.

Recipedia showcases industry supplier-based recipes focused on trends and designed to stimulate menu ideas within your foodservice operations. Recipedia is the free monthly industry trend watch newsletter from Restaurant Business, FoodService Director and ID Report. We analyze research reports and updates from market experts and trend spotters, pairing them with recipes from America's professional chefs and foodservice suppliers in one easy-to-consume publication—to help keep you on trend and ahead of your customers.

The Tech Bytes newsletter, written and edited by the staff of Restaurant Business, throws a spotlight on technology trends and capabilities that should interest every operator, from the hardcore computer geek to the chef-owner who thinks apps are something you serve in small plates. Our coverage will be presented so the whole crosscut of the industry can understand. For the record: Our definition of technology is an expansive one, extending from hard- and software to social media, texting and the mobile phenomenon.

The restaurant industry is expanding at a strong pace again, but there's a difference to the growth and the strategies driving it. Chains are creating opportunities by peering further into the future and anticipating the trends in consumer preferences, restaurant recruitment, financing, politics and restaurant operations. They're hungering for ideas, innovation and insight.

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