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National Restaurant Association


Make the ServSafe Dining Commitment

The commitment signals to guests that the restaurant has publicly declared its dedication to food safety.


Download the National Restaurant Association 2021 restaurant trends

See the top food and menu trends that helped restaurants survive 2020 and which are keepers for 2021. 

On Jan. 27, the alliance will host the first in a series of webinars chronicling its history.

The comprehensive guidance provides the latest recommendations from leading health and safety authorities.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's apprenticeship program offers restaurant and hospitality workers an opportunity to advance their careers.

Read the stories of seven Black industry leaders and how racism has affected their lives.

The National Restaurant Association has adapted keystone data safety precautions specifically for the restaurant industry.

Operators who make the commitment are assuring returning customers that the operation is ready for safe on-premise business. 

The podcast from the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance offers a unique view of cultural intelligence and its importance to the workplace.

Each week of September delivers the best tips, tricks, advice, and education in key areas of food safety.

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