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Restaurant groups turn to litigation to block new joint employer standard

A coalition of trade groups intends to ask for an injunction blocking adoption before Dec. 26, when the redefinition is scheduled to take force.


Georgia Restaurant Association names Stephanie Fischer CEO

The longtime industry veteran will succeed the retiring Karen Bremer starting Oct. 30.

Advocates for the fast-food industry, the franchising community and organized labor have agreed to a compromise on the controversial measures. A wage-setting council is part of the deal.

The former restaurant operator has led the association for 13 years. She will step down in mid-January.

The group's founder, he's been the leader and driving spirit of the DEI-promoting organization for 27 years.

The report captures new data on adult diners who are likely to order drinks, and how operators have changed their drinks options to drive new trends.

Though much of his career was spent in the noncommercial sector, he proved an outstanding franchisee of TGI Fridays and Ruth's Chris.

Reality Check: Indeed, they wouldn't mind owning one. They were already working hard toward that goal at the National ProStart Invitational competition.

The trade group says Su has a history of siding against the industry. It singles out her support of California's Fast Act as the prime example.

The National Restaurant Association issued its combination industry snapshot and near-term outlook this week. Here are five findings that jumped out.

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