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Union Square Hospitality names a new president

Chip Wade, a longtime ops specialist for Darden Restaurants, will take the job next month.

Chains winning with off-premise at breakfast

Today’s always-on-the-go lifestyle is changing the way people eat—and what they want restaurants to provide.

How We Got Here 2019

The history of the American restaurant industry over the past 100 years is anything but brief.

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Recent Stories

Cannabis fans can celebrate the day with themed menu items at limited-service spots.

On this week’s edition of "A Deeper Dive," White Castle CEO Lisa Ingram talks about the chain’s introduction of the Impossible Slider.

The industry would likely be better off with a dead horse than this dark one. But it's the sort of loser operators could get if they sit on the sidelines.

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The sushi ingredient has been linked to illnesses in seven states.

The struggling casual-dining chain appointed a restructuring specialist as CEO and said a bankruptcy filing is possible.

The industry veteran will oversee franchise operations for the taco concept.

The company’s decision to drop its semicustomizable sandwiches comes as the chain focuses more on speed, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Two solar farms are currently feeding the restaurants, with six more due to come online.

Everyone in the restaurant industry knows the off-premise shift is not a passing fad. It’s the new normal for the restaurant industry and brands that don’t adapt will be left behind.