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"A Deeper Dive" is a weekly podcast from Restaurant Business dedicated to going in-depth on the most pressing challenges and opportunities restaurant operators face today, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze.

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“Menu Talk”, formally Menu Feed, is a weekly podcast hosted by Pat Cobe of Restaurant Business and Bret Thorn with Nation’s Restaurant News.

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"Restaurant Rewind" is a weekly podcast hosted by Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo as he looks at the people, concepts and trends that helped create the restaurant industry as we know it today.

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Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.

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So you are opening a restaurant in a Walmart? Good luck with that

The Bottom Line: The retail giant is adding regional restaurant chains to its stores, giving them some key exposure. But there are some real drawbacks to pay attention to.


The FTC signals a tougher stance on franchising, for now

The Bottom Line: The agency’s comments last week represented some of its toughest regulatory moves on franchising in years. But the election might have a say in it.


Why True Food Kitchen's new chicken tenders took a year to perfect

Behind the Menu: The gluten-free, air-fried tenders stay true to the restaurant’s health and quality mission, with the crispy crunch consumers crave.

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Steak chains once again dominate the list of brands with the highest sales per unit, according to Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report. But Portillo’s and Chick-fil-A boast some impressive numbers.

A Deeper Dive: R.J. Hottovy, head of analytical research with, joins the podcast to discuss customer counts and Starbucks.

The chain's ongoing menu revamp continued this week with several new items, including Avocado Toast. And fan pressure has brought both Sesame and Blueberry bagels back.

The companies are partnering to form the OpenTable & Visa Dining Collection, which will include more than 500 restaurants in 34 cities.

Operators voice hopes the directory of standout dining options will bring an awareness of the variety and quality Texas restaurants offer today.

The International Franchise Association cited the Ohioan's consistent support of pro-franchising legislation in the Senate.