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Convenience stores’ issues could throw a big hurt restaurants’ way

Forced limitations on what retailers can sell are likely to put more ready-to-eat foods on the menu.

Top 100 Independents 2018

See how the Top 100 concepts—which account for more than $1.8 billion in annual revenue—are adapting in today’s tough restaurant climate.

Future 50 2018

These emerging brands reveal trends in menu, operations and more that are poised to bubble up throughout the industry.

Recent Stories

Recent Stories

The chain, which lost $33.6 million in 2018, remains uncertain whether it can stay in business.

The company has been a safe haven for investors in a volatile period on Wall Street, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

What beverage trends will drive traffic and growth in 2019? Here are five things to watch for.

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Same-store sales rose again in October, but traffic continues to decline.

But restaurants continue to lose customers as traffic declined yet again.

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The operators are asking California regulators for protection over a coming restructuring of lease arrangements.

Restaurants are communicating cleanliness efforts to customers, whether guests dine-in or order takeout.

The CEO of Shari’s discusses efforts to turn around the struggling chains, following a summertime acquisition.

The Red Hen, confused with a restaurant of the same name that kicked out the press secretary, got sassy online and won over the haters.

The casual chain is inviting service men and women to pursue apprenticeships to become restaurant managers.

Innovation has become a best practice in recruiting and retaining team members. Here are some tactics that stand out for their edginess and creativity.