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Restaurants go further afield to grow loyalty enrollment and use

The aim is getting precious space on customers’ phones for an app.

Families' Favorite Chain Restaurants

Technomic data reveals which restaurant brands earned high praise from dining parties with kids.

Get Ahead in 2019

Restaurant Business and Technomic, two of the most authoritative brands in foodservice insights and data, partnered to create this special report that offers a predictive look at what drove success in 2018 and what will move the needle in the year ahead.

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Recent Stories

The aim is getting precious space on customers’ phones for an app.

The popular product returns Saturday and will be available for a month.

The company will give away a “McDelivery Couch” as it works harder to market delivery.

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The company has started pushing back against competitors offering third-party delivery.

Valor Siren Ventures is managed by a firm that has previously invested in Tesla, SpaceX, Eatsa and other high-tech companies.

The coffee giant seeks to reimagine the "third place," debut compostable cups and more.

New research shows that a considerable positive impact is felt by restaurants across the board, not just big marketers or operations with a hometown team in the hunt.

Starting immediately, restaurants there will be required to accept cash if that’s what consumers choose to tender.

Check out these ways that unique toppings can help boost soup’s appeal.