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Wingstop’s Charlie Morrison on the digital future

The CEO of the chicken wing chain discusses strategies to increase sales through mobile and online ordering on RB's podcast, "A Deeper Dive."

Get Ahead in 2019

Restaurant Business and Technomic, two of the most authoritative brands in foodservice insights and data, partnered to create this special report that offers a predictive look at what drove success in 2018 and what will move the needle in the year ahead.

2018 Clean Plate Awards

For RB’s 12th annual Clean Plate Awards, industry insiders shared their most memorable meals of the past year. These are some of the dishes that made the cut.

Recent Stories

Recent Stories

The once “quiet” brand has shifted its marketing and advertising to get in front of customers.

A Delaware judge said the company failed to prove that its founder’s request for records was improper.

Andres is one of many restaurant operators offering free food and deals to those affected by the federal shutdown.

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Same-store sales rose 2% in December, the best month in more than three years.

Same-store sales rose for the sixth straight month, but traffic is still a problem.

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Restaurants aim to feed consumers’ often conflicting desires as 2019 begins.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he’ll introduce a bill in the Senate this week to institute the so-called living wage on a national basis. It has little chance of passing but could be a test that requires expected candidates for the top office to come out for or against it.

Former Sweetgreen President Karen Kelley was named chief restaurant officer and Sonic veteran Anita Vanderveer was appointed chief people officer.

The ruling overturns the broader tip-credit applicability set by the Trump administration in November.

The former Paxti's Pizza CEO brings 25 years of experience in chain operations, including at BJ’s and Chili’s.

GameWorks is installing computer terminals within all its fun-and-food branches in a bid for video game fans.