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As takeout sales boom, fast-casual pizza turns to bigger pies

Blaze Pizza is the latest to test larger pizzas as it focuses more intently on delivery sales—pitting the chains directly against traditional players.

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Here’s a look at the chains diners say are doing the best job in these areas and more.

Get Ahead in 2019

Restaurant Business and Technomic, two of the most authoritative brands in foodservice insights and data, partnered to create this special report that offers a predictive look at what drove success in 2018 and what will move the needle in the year ahead.

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Recent Stories

The steakhouse chain is looking for a more modern prototype that accommodates tomorrow’s trends.

With food allergies on the rise, and more than 15 million Americans affected, it’s critical for your restaurant to be able to deliver clear, accurate allergen information to guests. It can also be a competitive advantage.

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The chicken chain surveyed past beneficiaries of its scholarship program and found 90% intend to keep working there even after they earn a degree.

Just 67 North American restaurants currently hold the travel service’s top dining honor.

Restaurant franchisees can enhance their opportunities for long-term success by working with a trusted partner to better understand their business value and how that translates to their borrowing power.

Every restaurant should make a conscious effort to gather guest feedback—good and bad—from as many customers as possible .

A consolidation trend that started with supermarkets has spread to restaurant chains, and that has major implications for the industry, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

A Debtwire report suggested that buyers are concerned about the chain’s growth and its valuation.