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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Why barbell pricing is the strategy du jour on restaurant menus

The two-pronged approach has been gaining steam amid an economy of haves and have-nots.


Restaurants urge the FTC not to over-regulate loyalty programs

Representatives are asking the federal agency to treat guest programs differently in its attempt to better safeguard consumers' privacy.

Marketing Bites: Subscriptions, but make it fashion. Plus, a bunch of brands get into the holiday spirit, and Shake Shack launches a new ad campaign.

Nestle Toll House Cookie Delivery will offer six cookie varieties as well as milk and other treats. It’s the latest entrant into the red-hot cookie market.

Advice Guy offers three strategies for chefs trying to figure out how much to charge for event appearances.

Marketing Bites: The company apologized after its app urged customers to eat chicken with cheese to commemorate Kristallnacht. Also: A Veteran's Day free-food itinerary and "Truckersgiving."

Marketing Bites: McDonald’s new Happy Meals feature the Black Panther movie sequel; Checkers and Rally’s celebrate E.T.; Papa John’s shifts to value.

The coffee giant has been revealing a new holiday cup design every year since 1997. This year there are four designs.

Marketing Bites: Uncertainty about whether the company will bring back “the G.O.A.T. of sandwiches” makes it more alluring; Outback uses college athletes to hock catering.

As operators compete with deals to ease inflation, two full-service chains are rolling prices way back to their early days.

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