Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


McDonald’s flips its ‘M’ for manga fans

Marketing Bites: The burger giant becomes WcDonald’s on Monday, with a limited-time spicy WcNugget sauce. Plus, Zoup! has a new name but the exclamation point isn’t going away.


Restaurants spring for leap day deals

Marketing Bites: It only comes around every four years, after all. Plus, lots of developments in restaurant loyalty programs.

The Mexican fast-food chain launched a program to spotlight emerging chefs. The first group will develop a new type of the Crunchwrap Supreme.

The fast-food Mexican chain is releasing a wide array of menu items this year, including a new Cantina Chicken Menu and a taco made from Salt & Straw ice cream.

Marketing Bites: Chains are consoling those who’ve recently been dumped, as well as offering to do the breaking up on behalf of their customers.

The owner of The Weather Channel had sought $100 million from the fast-food giant over ad spending, but a judge dismissed the case on free speech grounds.

BK’s Royal Perks members can submit their spin on the signature burger for the chance to win a million-dollar prize.

Advice Guy: Interacting with an anonymous critic invokes the same advice I would give to someone who encounters a fearsome predator in the wild: Don’t make any sudden or unpredictable moves.

Working Lunch: The situation could draw fire to the industry, yet even the involved brands may not be aware of their vulnerability.

The distributor announced a deal this week to co-brand items from its in-house Sweet Encore dessert line with the Hershey name.

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