Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


The restaurant discounts are apparently doing their job

Foot traffic data from suggests that McDonald’s, Chili’s, Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings are all getting more customers from their various offers.


Think we're seeing deep discounts today? Here's when the price shifts really hit the fan

Restaurant Rewind: Even all these years later, the semi-permanent bargains that Taco Bell and McDonald's embraced in the '80s and '90s still astound.

The hip-hop group said a 2022 social media video featured parts of the hit song without their permission.

Marketing Bites: The quick-service chain is opening The Cantinas for just one weekend next month, promising a “leisure lifestyle” for all ages. Plus, French Fry Day is near.

Marketing Bites: Chains get increasingly creative as they duke it out for traffic to lure consumers who are pulling back.

The 66-year-old family-dining chain is planning a comprehensive overhaul that extends to its menu, operations and look.

The fast-food giant will start selling its $5 Meal Deal next week as it works to regain lost traffic. But it is also reminding customers of its existing deals.

Reality Check: Decadent meal choices are also proliferating, for a lot more than $5.

Retail Watch: The casual-dining chain is bringing its frozen appetizers and snacks to supermarkets, joining the ranks of restaurants taking the retail plunge.

The family-dining chain is offering a bundled Dinner for 2 for $22.99, but just within the Sunshine State.

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