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It's official: Popeyes is out of chicken sandwiches

The chain said in a tweet that it is out of the product following an unexpected surge of interest, but says it will return.


Atlanta KFC sells out of Beyond Fried Chicken in 5 hours

The company said its single-store test generated long lines all day, draining supply quickly.

The quick-service chain will offer plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken at a single restaurant in suburban Atlanta starting this week.

Management is focusing on higher-priced menu options to help margins while aiming to please value-hunters with improved operations.

The chain has sold so many that some restaurants are running out of buns.

The chain is making the side dish a center-of-the-plate item with the addition of chicken.

Here's what's simmering while the industry is busy summering.

A Twitter battle involving several competitors gave the chain tons of free publicity for a new product that is vital to its future.

The fast-food giant is debuting its new-look McCafe this week with a pay-it-forward promotion.

Consumers gave high marks to these limited-time offers on chain menus.

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