Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


KFC wants you to name your child after Colonel Sanders

The chicken chain will award $11,000 in college tuition to the first baby born Sept. 9 who is named Harland.


Domino’s pothole program has been a huge hit

The company is expanding Paving for Pizza to all 50 states after receiving 137,000 nominations.

The new position will be filled by another veteran of the hotel industry, Seth Freeman.

For the first time in the four years the deal has been offered, we easily managed to score two passes.

Earlier this year, Restaurant Business took a peek behind the curtain at the Italian chain's popular annual promo.

Richard Blais and Kimbal Musk are among those who will mentor growing food companies in the Chipotle Aluminaries Project.

Operators seek to go viral with the latest unconventional marketing ploys.

With that form of gambling now legal across the United States, the casual chain is exploring possible partnerships with bookmakers as well as offering the amenity itself.

Jack in the Box was dead-on in figuring a suggestively worded ad campaign would stir controversy. The same sort of foresight might’ve helped an upstart chain from sounding racially insensitive. But the true recent nightmares were the actual ones reported by restaurant employees.

These limited-time offers grabbed attention this summer.