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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Chick-fil-A remains teens’ favorite chain

Starbucks, Chipotle, McDonald’s and Olive Garden also top the survey from Piper Sandler.


McDonald’s promises net zero emissions by 2050

The burger giant said it would work with its operators, suppliers and other partners to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions in a bid to fight climate change.

Chain social marketers from Dunkin’ to Cava delivered some humor to Twitter Monday to engage with customers during the outage.

The fast casual is taking advantage of a relatively new NCAA policy that allows student athletes to be paid by brands under “name, image and likeness” contracts.

The ad guru was also responsible for Little Caesars' "Pizza, pizza" campaign, for which he also provided the voice-over.

The burger giant plans to cut 90% of the virgin fossil fuel-based plastic out of the popular items by 2025.

Transforming the restaurant into a hub for sports fans can help operators win big during the fall sports season.

The fast-food chain is the latest to introduce a rewards effort as one-to-one marketing takes hold at restaurants.

As restaurants become more high-tech, marketers are increasingly using data to shape strategy.

The fast casual is creating the Chipotle Creator Class, using TikTok to promote the program, with plans to “redefine the traditionally transactional relationship” between a brand and influencers.

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