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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Starbucks expands its loyalty program to Web3

The coffee giant will integrate non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, into Starbucks Rewards, which will give customers new ways to engage with the brand.


Taco Bell sets the date for the Mexican Pizza’s second return

The odd saga of one of the fast-food industry’s weirdest products is set for its conclusion with a musical starring Dolly Parton later this month.

Shortages after social media-fueled demand are becoming more common. Is it strategy?

The family bundle package, called "Fundle," comes in a game-covered carrying container and saves parents up to $10.

The “Inflation Relief Deal” covers all menu items nationwide and comes amid a growing value push.

How Pizza Hut landed an unlikely pitchman, the late Mikhail Gorbachev.

Parent Ampex Brands plans to open its first Café of the Future next year and will remodel existing corporate units.

The sandwich giant offered 10,000 people the chance to get 50% off their footlong subs throughout September for $15. It sold out in six hours.

First it was cilantro soap, then the ‘Water Cup Candle.’ Now the fast-casual chain is creating upcycled athleisurewear.

The quarterback for the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams will appear in training camp-style ads as the chain becomes the official pizza of the NFL.

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