Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


3 exec shifts reshaping chain marketing departments

Bojangles’, Church’s Chicken and Smoothie King are shaking up their marketing departments.


KFC is crowdfunding its next marketing idea

A chicken bucket hot tub? A "smart cane" remote? The chain is asking supporters to back its newest marketing gimmick.

The chain has added a vegan and a vegetarian bowl to its line of diet-friendly options.

The sandwich chain has introduced a reconfigured menu with bundled meals and smaller versions of products to get customers to try new things.

The documentary-style pieces give a behind-the-scenes look at the chain’s kitchens.

A judge found Smashburger’s marketing of the amount of beef in its Triple Double burger to be “literally false.”

The chain will introduce the Pancizza on a limited scale in commemoration of National Pizza Day.

The chicken chain will let consumers win the rug in a Reddit creativity contest.

Here are some of the most creative ways restaurant brands are trying to boost Super Bowl traffic.

With more data at their disposal, brands are shifting the rewards paradigm.