Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Operators get creative with loosened off-premise alcohol laws

Deals and special packages on beer, wine and cocktails for delivery offer a sales bright spot during the coronavirus crisis.


Can bottled water dampen a restaurant's vibe?

Like the other menu choices a restaurant offers, water options say something about the concept and the image it conveys to guests, Advice Guy says.

A roundup of recent winter beverage items launched at chain restaurants.

Drinks that double as desserts are trending on menus.

For most consumers, coffee is more than just a morning ritual. That’s especially true for cold coffee drinks, which are often perceived as a snack all by themselves or paired with a sweet or savory indulgence.

In addition to warm beverages abound, mobility can be a key component of a successful fall drink offering.

PSLs and other fall-flavored items are coming to coffee chains in August.

Restaurant operators are probably familiar with elaborate pour-over rituals, typically seen at specialty coffee bars. The process involves measuring a specific amount of coffee, then pouring water kept at a specific temperature over it in a slow stream.

Places with a liquor license can apply for a permit to send adult beverages to customers homes. Third-party delivery services can also qualify.

There is a difference between what is generally considered "right" and what is right for your operation, Advice Guy says.

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