Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Blank Street Coffee is all in on matcha this summer—and pickleball

The coffee chain developed three refreshing “gateway” drinks to lure customers who may not even like matcha. The goal: to build mid-afternoon traffic.


Starbucks jumps on the energy drink bandwagon

The Seattle-based coffee shop chain, eager to reverse a sales decline, this week introduced a line of energy drinks, hoping to lure more younger customers to its restaurants.

The drive-in chain is a longtime beverage destination, but the category has gotten increasingly competitive with new players and expanded drink selections on menus.

Staying on top in today’s crowded, dynamic beverage industry requires a fresh approach from even the most well-established brands. While the growth opportunity in the bubble tea market is significant ...

Advice Guy: RB's operations expert says that while kitchens have long focused on reducing waste, many smart strategies can be employed behind the bar.

In an increasingly complex and expensive labor market, automated coffee solutions can significantly enhance margins for coffee operators. For most Americans, coffee is a part of their life. In fact, a...

The brand’s newest location in New York City’s Soho neighborhood showcases a rotating menu, beverages in test and an enhanced customer experience.

The heat is on at Cracker Barrel and Dog Haus; summer means shrimp at Modern Market; BJ’s takes flight with sangria; and more menu news of the week.

Starbucks is preparing its own energy drinks, following Dunkin’, as chains like Dutch Bros—and convenience stores—find success with the beverages.

The fast-casual chain confirmed the caffeinated drinks will be phased out, but did not specify the timing. The energy drinks have been blamed for two deaths.

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