Reinventing a Global Beverage Brand: Chatime Evolves in a Fast-Growing Market

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Staying on top in today’s crowded, dynamic beverage industry requires a fresh approach from even the most well-established brands. While the growth opportunity in the bubble tea market is significant – Forbes Business Insights projects that the global bubble tea market will grow from $2.46 billion in 2023 to a predicted $4.78 billion in 2032 – with increased opportunity comes increased competition. Bubble tea has always been an industry with low barriers to entry, and an increasing number of brands are entering the market – both in QSR and retail – even as other caffeinated drinks threaten to capture market share.

To break through the noise, Chatime, a leading global bubble tea and innovative beverage brand, recently reinvigorated its brand platform. The brand refresh reflects the vibrant, youthful spirit of the company in a way that speaks to evolving consumer tastes and preferences – and appeals to Gen Z consumers around the world who represent the brand’s fastest-growing customer base. Founded in Taiwan in 2005, Chatime was one of the first brands to take the bubble tea concept international. Now, the brand is tapping into the latest consumer trends and insights to fuel its boldest transformation to date, solidifying its strong brand relevance and permanence.

Evoking a sense of creativity and celebration

Chatime’s lively brand refresh is anchored on a new brand promise, “Cups of Joy.” It reflects the fun and flavorful opportunities the brand offers customers to celebrate in their everyday lives. Chatime’s updated visual elements include a logo, store designs and modernized packaging with playful imagery and colors that are rich and full of personality. Together, all brand elements work to create deeper, more emotional connections with customers.

Appealing to what consumers want from their beverages

As consumers continue forming their post-pandemic habits and preferences, recent global consumer research led by Nielsen revealed their top three reasons for purchasing bubble tea: indulging themselves, enjoying leisure time alone or with friends, and quenching thirst.

In other words, it’s not just about the bubble tea – it’s about the experience. Chatime created Cups of Joy to highlight that enjoying a Chatime beverage is fun and uplifting, whether the customer is taking a moment to indulge in a treat for their mental health, socializing with loved ones or recharging for the day ahead.

Aligning brand attributes with the core customer base

Chatime designed its brand refresh to capture the attention of Gen Z customers and highlight how the brand aligns with what matters to them. This demographic offers significant opportunity; CLSA research from 2021 found that 94% of consumers between the ages of 20 and 29 said they purchased bubble tea in the preceding three months.

Chatime’s updated purpose, “To celebrate a different world, together,” along with its values and beliefs, emphasize the brand’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, creativity, and a sense of community for customers – attributes associated with and valued by many in Gen Z.

Offering the innovative and trend-forward beverages consumers crave

To satisfy the preferences of more consumers and stay competitive in the broader beverage market, Chatime continually expands its selection of bubble and milk teas, ice creams, coffees, smoothies, juices, and more. Cups of Joy – and the entire brand refresh – makes space for all the inventive beverages that tap into the latest trends, including locally-created options featuring unique flavors and collaborations.

The brand refresh also supports the type of product innovation that drives excitement and buzz for online visibility. Chatime’s recent Corn Smoothie, inspired by corn soup, featured an unexpected blend of sweet and savory ingredients, including a silky corn puree and creamy cheese mousse. It garnered considerable attention on traditional and social media, highlighting how this pioneering brand continues to innovate and attract new consumers as it evolves.

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