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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Uber Eats to pay $10M to settle investigation by City of Chicago

The city accused the delivery company of listing local restaurants without their permission and violating a 15% delivery fee cap. More than $5 million of the settlement will go to restaurants.


Boost brand loyalty with compelling post-dining customer experiences

When consumers dine out, they choose where to go based on a number of factors—menu variety, value, the experience and service they get when they go to a certain place and more. But one thing that they...

The chefs came to Carnegie Food Hub to grow their businesses. They left discouraged and in the red. It’s part of a pattern at CloudKitchens facilities nationwide.

Company revenue has not kept up with costs coming out of the pandemic, CEO Tony Xu said Wednesday.

Tech Check: The average price of having McDonald’s delivered is nearly 100% more than getting it at the restaurant, a new study finds. Consumers' apparent willingness to pay for it says a lot about modern dining habits.

Left-Field Holdings argued Google’s online ordering system misled customers and violated its restaurants’ brand rights. It has an opportunity to refile its complaint.

The pizza chain will have a fleet of 800 electric vehicles, which it says will be the largest EV pizza delivery fleet in the U.S.

At the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, global operators push into new frontiers. It’s more than just a necessity.

Former Olo COO Matthew Tucker will take the reins of the reservations platform, now owned by Squarespace.

The brand backed by a popular YouTube channel was created in partnership with MrBeast Burger parent Virtual Dining Concepts.

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