The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Chick-fil-A introduces mobile dine-in ordering

Guests can now order from their phone at a table inside participating restaurants.


KFC’s future: Online ordering, more delivery and artificial intelligence

The company wants to simplify its ordering as customers demand more takeout and drive-thru.

The company brings in another provider as multicompany delivery strategies catch on.

The court’s decision leaves in place a lower court ruling that the pizza chain’s website and app have to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Delivery and online ordering are convenient ways to get a meal in our modern age, and they’ve been on a steady rise.

The delivery provider is selling 1 million Big Macs this week for a penny each and is giving away $1 million.

The online food ordering company says about 4.9 million customers and merchants have been affected by the hack.

One way to circumvent the margin loss from online ordering and delivery is to use a provider like PDQ POS, which offers PDQ Online Ordering (OO), a native, built-in online-ordering platform that can be used standalone or in concert with any third party service.

PDQ POS is able to assign, track and measure delivery services—down to the sales generated on a given day by each driver—so that the customer knows exactly how drivers are performing, at which time of day and on what delivery routes.

Just because a restaurant has screens and content up on the walls, doesn’t mean those signs are going to grab your guests’ attention.

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