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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Olo is losing its Subway business, drawing shareholder lawsuits

The technology company said it has known since the beginning of the year that Subway could leave, taking 15,000 locations and “a few million dollars” in revenue with it.


Byte Kitchen raises $6M for digital food halls

The Bay Area startup wants to help local restaurants expand via its Noshery Food Halls.

Tech Check: The delivery-only model is unlikely to live up to bold early projections. Some recent developments show where it might be headed.

Tech Check: Delivery's growth is still slowing, but not as much as you’d expect given the circumstances.

While it’s good that guests can access more customization options with online ordering, there are ways to keep modifications from getting out of control, Advice Guy says.

The startup will use Picnic’s robots in its high-tech food kiosks. It plans to open 5,000 of them in five years, starting in 2023.

Tech Check: Moonbowls, which exists mainly online, is venturing into the physical world to give customers another touchpoint.

Parent Just Eat Takeaway recorded an impairment on the company it acquired last year for $7.3 billion, but said it was related to economic factors and not Grubhub’s recent struggles.

The company’s 11th acquisition since 2016 adds considerable fuel to its data-driven procurement service for restaurants.

A fresh $100 million from a group of strategic partners is expected to fuel what amounts to a 17-fold increase in the ghost kitchen company’s footprint.

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