The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

The race for tech talent

How top operators are competing against Silicon Valley for hires.


Pizza Hut tests a cubby-based pickup concept

The concept in Los Angeles features specially lined cubbies with digital displays for pickup orders.

In theory, it makes sense—we should use the information we gather to make smarter, more educated decisions and help correct course. However, in practice, we often feel inundated by information. Data, data everywhere—but it’s not always information that can be used, or used in time.

Cloud-based computing has evolved significantly over the past decade, to the point where it is now the “preferred computing model for most technology enablement,” according to a recent report from KPMG.

Both front- and back-of-house innovations are improving operations, as well as the guest experience.

Restaurants should always be on the lookout for events and other opportunities that can turn an average night of business into something much more.

Big operations are ensuring it’s not for everyone, no matter how much everyone might want it, says RB's Reality Check.

More chains are testing robots and drones as delivery experiments continue.

On display at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show, Alto-Shaam’s cutting-edge equipment allows operators to streamline their business.

Experts provide some insights on how to cut through the technology clutter and move restaurants into the next frontier.

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