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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

New tech helps restaurants digest their delivery data

Tools from ItsaCheckmate and Nextbite allow operators to see their third-party sales all in one place. The companies say it will save hours of wrestling with spreadsheets.


Slice sees no sign of 'pizza fatigue' at mom-and-pops

CEO Ilir Sela says small pizzerias are thriving and even taking share from big chains like Domino's, in part thanks to technology.

The product designed to streamline restaurant payments saw strong results in its first year, said CEO Noah Glass.

Tech Check: Consumers are flocking to the wing chain but not so much for pizza. Here’s why that might be.

Tech Check: The number of delivery-only concepts has nearly doubled this year, according to a company called Kitchen Data Systems, which says it has developed a way to count them.

Tech Check: DoorDash and Uber Eats keep racking up sales. But they're increasingly from places that aren't restaurants.

The restaurant tech giant is making its move into QSR by targeting the high-volume drive-thru channel.

Its new Cloud Cafe service, which allows employees to order meals from an app, was built for hybrid workplaces.

Tech Check: A newly opened rest station for delivery people is a much-needed amenity. Why didn't delivery providers think of that?

As consumers and the world at large place a higher priority on diversity initiatives within the restaurant world, there’s no question that restaurant owners have had their work cut out for them.

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