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The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Uber Eats, DoorDash raise fees in California to cover driver benefits

New charges for diners went into effect this week to pay for perks mandated by Proposition 22.


Delivery fee caps hit Silicon Valley

Santa Clara County and San Jose approved a 15% limit on what third-party providers can charge restaurants.

A set of new guidelines addresses key pain points between restaurants and third-party providers, with the intention of helping to shape public policy.

Its Grubhub+ subscription program will be free through mid-March, and partner restaurants will be added to the service at no charge.

The delivery leader added customer fees in Denver and Chicago but abandoned a plan to raise charges for some D.C. restaurants.

The latest aid effort between government and a tech supplier comes as NYC halts indoor dining once again.

The online ordering company will look to Zuhairah Scott Washington and Russell Jones to help it continue growing amid the digital boom.

The company had said it would charge restaurants their contractual rate on DashPass orders to help offset the city's fee cap.

Hand IQ reminds employees to wash their hands with the goal of improving compliance.

It's been a buzzword during RB’s FSTEC Community, where leaders touted integration’s ability to streamline operations and optimize the tech stack.

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