The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Golden Corral deals with the aftermath of a data breach

Nearly 200,000 individuals may have had personal information swiped, according to the buffet chain. Meanwhile, at least 11 parties are recruiting potential victims for legal action against the brand.


The restaurant of the future will be a platform, not a chain

Tech Check: Multibrand companies like Inspire and the new GoTo Foods are circling the wagons around technology. Here's why that's a smart idea.

The startup uses robots and tunnels to move food from kitchen to car. It believes it can one day connect entire cities.

Discover how mastering food cost variance can significantly enhance your restaurant's profitability and operational efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive culinary industry.

CEO Aman Narang said the company grew too quickly as it raced to meet demand. The cuts are intended to lower its operating costs.

Customers will be able to order cookies with their eyes thanks to Apple’s cutting-edge “spatial computing” technology.

Creators’ Kitchen as Seen on TikTok will offer dishes that go viral on the app, like baked feta pasta. It is Virtual Dining Concepts’ second attempt at a TikTok-themed brand.

The Mediterranean concept believes it holds the key to two of the industry’s holy grails: fully automated kitchens and healthy, affordable food.

Restaurants will add more technology in 2024, even as some consumers say they’ve had enough, according to the State of the Restaurant Industry report.

Tech Check: Many view the technology as a knight in shining armor for their labor woes. Is it the start of a lasting relationship, or just puppy love?

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