The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Bridging the broadcast gap: How EverPass Media is expanding offerings for bars and restaurants

For commercial entities, navigating these changes isn’t just about offering more; it’s about clarity, legality and ensuring fans can enjoy their favorite sports in their favorite spots.


Why Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza ditched its AI phone system

The bot, nicknamed Becky, was alienating customers and staff. “Everyone said, ‘Becky’s gotta go,’” said CEO Carl Bachmann.

It’s one of four new app features the delivery company unveiled Wednesday, three of which are related to groceries.

Tech Check: Grocery is one of the few industries that may be even less techy than foodservice. Instacart wants to help it catch up, and could get a boost from its IPO.

A judge ruled that DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub have “adequately stated a claim” that the city's limit on what they charge restaurants is unconstitutional.

Tech is becoming the most crucial department in the modern restaurant C-suite. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Atul Sood sees a lot of opportunity in the company's partnerships with Kroger and Circle K, but not so much in its stand-alone ghost kitchens. “You’ll probably see less of those,” he said.

During a Technomic report on the state of technology, attendees were advised to factor human intervention into their contingency plans.

At FSTEC, franchisors say getting system buy-in on tech means making them part of the decision process. But sometimes you have to say no to new tech, too.

While concepts are adding new digital ordering technology, robots or even AI, executives work to keep their focus on the customer.

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