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Insights to Keep You Fresh

Insights to Keep You Fresh

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How to Revive Your Menu in 2021 and Beyond

Explore menu tactics and trends that are helping drive sales and generate buzz, while looking at predictive menu trends.


Consumers in Year Zero

Join our consumer expert to uncover ways that you can use data to identify existing trends as well as anticipate future shifts in behavior.


New Industry Landscape

Explore the changes throughout this year as well as how we are forecasting restaurant chain performance for the remainder of this year into next.


Vital Insights from the Experts

Technomic has been informing foodservice industry leaders for more than 50 years. Now, more than 10,000 professionals use our online platform, Ignite. See why in this short video.

Since 1966, we’ve produced in-depth research focused on the foodservice industry. We provide insights into consumer, industry and menu trends in the U.S., Canada and 23 countries around the world. Our team of experts helps leaders in the industry make complex business decisions, set strategy and stay ahead of the curve.