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6 ways restaurants aim to drive holiday traffic

‘Tis the season for sales draws that go beyond gift cards.

Top 100 Independents 2017

In a year when independents were closing, these money makers fought against challenges and changes to stay alive.

25 Fast Casuals

25 fastest-growing fast casuals

The segment may be maturing, but these growing fast-casual concepts have found plenty of opportunity.

Recent Stories

Recent Stories

A deal with Postmates gives the chain’s customers free delivery this week.

The industry added 18,900 jobs in the month, continuing its hiring steak.

The Ragin’ Pepperoni Pizza will be on menus until mid-April.

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Employee turnover is up after teasing the industry with plateauing numbers this summer.

The impact of hurricanes in Texas and Florida may mask a turn in the right direction for sales and traffic counts, according to new data.

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More chains are giving a self-delivery/third-party hybrid a try.

The celebrity chef acknowledges that he has acted inappropriately.

As plant-forward options continue to shine, here are four ways that operators are innovating with these items on menus.

‘Tis the season for sales draws that go beyond gift cards.

More dramatic steps have overshadowed some of the other turnaround moves the burrito chain has made in recent days. Nor has it spared the brand from being chopped on by competitors. Here's a recount of what you may have missed.