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International House of Burgers? Really?

The marketing stunt was great, but the ending was a disappointment, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

10 Groundbreaking Concepts - 2018

See RB’s latest list of concepts that are breaking ground, from menu to technology and more.

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The 10 fastest-growing emerging chains in 2018

Restaurant Business offers a sneak peek at this year's Future 50 emerging brands.

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Recent Stories

The company is switching to paper in the U.K. and Ireland and will look at alternatives to plastic straws in other countries.

Ready to sharpen your taste-making skills? Take this flavor pairing quiz to test your culinary know-how.

The chain’s publicity stunt was run up a flagpole, and it flew.

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Employee turnover is up after teasing the industry with plateauing numbers this summer.

The impact of hurricanes in Texas and Florida may mask a turn in the right direction for sales and traffic counts, according to new data.

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Tank tops are one way to beat the heat, but they're not exactly sanitary, Advice Guy says.

An analyst suggests the company could buy upscale chain North Italia from Fox Restaurant Group, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Summer is the ideal time to cook up and chill a batch of grains to keep on hand as a base for bowls and salads. These five recipes will spark some new menu ideas.

The marketing stunt was great, but the ending was a disappointment, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Polar Star Capital Partners, a newly formed investment firm, has acquired 126-unit Meridian Restaurants Unlimited.

With little notice, one pizza powerhouse is re-thinking where the restaurant pack is heading.

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