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42% of chicken consumers say they have changed their poultry intake due to rising beef prices. - Technomic Center of the Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report

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Cinnabon cinnamon rolls

Licensing products doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Brands with small programs that they say are lucrative as well as simpler to maintain—and began with relative ease. For restaurateurs looking into licensing, there are lessons to learn at every level.

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Brands Trend + Sentiment - Sentiment SP Score
KFC ↑ 10% 50% 50% 4
Newk's ↑ 15% 100% 0% 100
Famous Dave's ↓ -12% 60% 40% 22
Smith & Wollensky ↑ 4% 81% 19% 58

SP Score = Propensity of a reviewer to return to a concept or recommend it to other consumers.

Last Updated on 10-7-2014

Peter Romeo
Peter Romeo, Director of Digital Content

Restaurants’ social-media revenge, a $100,000 love slap, edible cups, Starbucks’ real-estate values and other boons for chiropractors.

Kelly Killian

Eyewear retailer Warby Parker tops Fast Company’s list of groundbreaking brands as much for its approach to customer service as its inventive ideas. Here’s what restaurateurs need to know.

Pat Cobe
Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor

While full-service restaurants still are a major market, suppliers seem to be targeting their goods to what they believe are growth concepts: c-stores, kiosks, fast casuals and QSRs. Here are some other trends that happened on the NAFEM show floor.

Sara Rush
Sara Rush, Senior Associate Editor

Big data has said time and again that millennials are chasing “authentic” cuisine. But operators banking on this desire for authentic fare aren’t guaranteed success.

Justin Massa, Food Genius, Buzz Busters
Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius

Given the staggering increase in year-over-year sales, one might expect there to be a corresponding uptick of mentions of chocolate hazelnut spread on menus, but in fact the number of menus that mention chocolate hazelnut spread has remained right around 2 percent of all menus for the past year and a half.