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Here are three shake-ups to look out for this month.
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These new innovations have the potential to shake up everything from the workforce to food away from home.

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The next shiny new thing may not be right for everyone's operations. Here are some tips offered at the FSTEC conference for making a smart decision. ...
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This week Advice Guy addresses the common issue of employers routinely requiring waitstaff to take on cleaning duties, and explains when the law prohibits this practice. 

NRA CIO Kevin Steele, Pei Wei Marketing Manager Sharon Koval, Technomic's Erik Thoresen and RB's Sara Rush Wirth discuss marketing to today's consumer with tech at FSTEC 2016. ...

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A measure passed yesterday along party lines would grant restaurants and other employers a six-month extension to contend with the new regulations.

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Cosi Chicago
The troubled chain had no choice but to seek protection after pursuing other arrangements, its chairman says.
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The company has also scrapped the planned spinoff of its Taco Cabana brand.

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Catastrophes can bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, they can also bring out the worst in business decisions. Here's the proof.
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This close restaurant approximation of Uber could revolutionize the business. Here's how it works.
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Counting Danny Meyer as an investor, Umi Kitchen cracks the delivery-only restaurant code for using amateur cooks.
black eyed pea restaurant
The pioneer of casual dining is now a one-off in its home state.
eatsa virtual food
The frictionless-service model was selected as Restaurant Business' 2016 Tech Accelerator of the Year.