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Should Papa John’s be sold?

A sale could be the only option for the chain going forward, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Future 50 2018

These emerging brands reveal trends in menu, operations and more that are poised to bubble up throughout the industry.

Top 500 Chains

Top 500 2018

Chain restaurants faced another tough year in 2017. Still, well over half of the restaurant industry’s $536.8 billion came from the Top 500 chains, as ranked by Technomic.

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Recent Stories

Here’s what consumers are craving this barbecue season.

On this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive," Subway’s VP of North America talks real estate, and we talk about the future of takeout.

Retro classics are particularly welcome on summer menus—and they’re a powerful way to connect with guests.

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Takeout orders helped boost casual dining, but traffic was still a problem.

Rates rose for both hourlies and managers, says TDn2K.

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A judge rejected the proposed settlement that would have averted the need for courts to decide when restaurant franchisees and franchisors are joint employers.

The founder has hired a high-powered attorney and has taken aim at the company’s board.

A sale could be the only option for the chain going forward, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The burger chain said it is committing $5 million to a partnership to develop a recyclable or compostable cup.

Former Moe’s executive has a growth plan for the burger chain.

The chief executive position is proving to be a volatile one. And the chairman role isn’t stable either.

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