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Sara Rush, Senior Associate Editor

Published in Restaurant Business Daily

It’s hard to win in business, especially in the restaurant business, without engaging Hispanic consumers, says Peter Filiaci, VP of strategy and insights/restaurants at Univision.

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Krispy Kreme’s fans live for the “Hot Doughnuts Now” storefront neon sign that alerts passers-by that a new batch of doughnuts has just been baked and glazed. Now the chain is shifting the alert to cell phones via a new app.

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Brands Trend + Sentiment - Sentiment SP Score
KFC ↑ 10% 50% 50% 4
Newk's ↑ 15% 100% 0% 100
Famous Dave's ↓ -12% 60% 40% 22
Smith & Wollensky ↑ 4% 81% 19% 58

SP Score = Propensity of a reviewer to return to a concept or recommend it to other consumers.

Last Updated on 10-7-2014

Peter Romeo
Peter Romeo, Director of Digital Content

The 2,000 attendees of the top-to-top networking and educational fest are smarter today than those who missed it. Here’s a chance to catch up.

Kelly Killian

Forget the latest indy bands. The big hit was Momofuku’s David Chang, who revealed plans to open a fried-chicken concept.

Pat Cobe
Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor

The mothers in our Power 20 restaurant families are responsible for the existence and often, the success, of the next generation of leaders.

Sara Rush
Sara Rush, Senior Associate Editor

If more servers understood what’s at stake for them in the argument, they might support the industry’s stance.

Justin Massa, Food Genius, Buzz Busters
Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius

Given the staggering increase in year-over-year sales, one might expect there to be a corresponding uptick of mentions of chocolate hazelnut spread on menus, but in fact the number of menus that mention chocolate hazelnut spread has remained right around 2 percent of all menus for the past year and a half.