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Survey: Millennials feel awkward sending back restaurant food

Older customers are more likely than younger ones to return a meal to the kitchen.

Top 10 Cocktail Trends

Top 10 Cocktail Trends 2018

Operating costs are growing tighter at the same time sales are harder to come by, so savvy operators are turning to high-margin items such as cocktails to stay ahead of the competition.

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Recent Stories

Longtime company executive promoted to the c-suite.

The two chains playfully fight it out on social media.

Guilt was ladled out like soup this week in the restaurant business, with much of the shame megaphoned by outsiders looking in.

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Employee turnover is up after teasing the industry with plateauing numbers this summer.

The impact of hurricanes in Texas and Florida may mask a turn in the right direction for sales and traffic counts, according to new data.

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The chicken sandwich chain has one of the best brand reputations in the country, according to a Harris Poll.

The chips will be available in May, with flavors based on the chain's sauce packets.

Here’s a look at the next wave of ethnic food trends bursting onto the restaurant scene.

Humans are naturally social creatures, giving operators room to use TV as a marketing tool.

The fast-casual pizza chain has closed six locations as it opts to focus on franchising.

Many initiatives could make things more complex, but it isn’t hurting the brand yet, says RB's The Bottom Line.