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"The Disruptors" is our examination of 10 factors that are rocking restaurants to their core and revolutionizing how operators do business for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.

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Within the past 12 months, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, retail prices for beef, pork, chicken and milk all have hit record highs. Next up, say forecasters: many varieties of produce, as a historic drought starves California growers.

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Brands Trend + Sentiment - Sentiment SP Score
Chick-fil-A ↓ -20% 69% 31% 41
Chop't ↑ 33% 81% 19% 62
Smokey Bones ↓ -17% 71% 29% 45
Del Frisco's ↓ -22% 73% 27% 50

SP Score = Propensity of a reviewer to return to a concept or recommend it to other consumers.

Last Updated on 8-11-2014

By Peter Romeo, Vice President & Editorial Director

What should have a been a sleepy end-of-summer week instead brought to light some surprising developments regarding several of the industry’s most-watched brands.

By Kelly Killian, Executive Editor

The battles currently being waged by shareholder activists at large restaurant companies could be claiming some important collateral damage: the industry’s African-American CEOs.

By Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor

Some new restaurants prefer to stay under the radar on opening day, building momentum as they hit their stride. Others open with a bang. The latter was the case when Chicago’s River Roast held its opening party with high-profile Chef Tony Mantuano of Spiaggia fame at the helm.

By Sara Rush, Associate Editor

Instead of making generalizations about millennials and how they differ from other consumer groups, associate editor Sara Rush opted to perform a simple case study of her own: dinner with her family to observe the differences in opinions and behaviors of millennials and boomers.

By Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius

Any food blog worth its (sea) salt would likely consider quinoa a passé trend. The sun has set on the protein-packed grain as quickly as it rose, and its trendy status has recently been handed off to sexier ancient grains like chia and farro.