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From savory to sweet, there are a bevy of delectable bites to enjoy at the 2017 NRA Show.
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The industry's annual convention served up some low-cost ideas for drawing and keeping good employees.

training career development
The effort will include a "map" that sketches out a career path for individuals. The association is also working on an apprenticeship program with the federal government.

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Wolfgang Puck
Ted Balestreri of The Sardine Factory fame was named the inaugural winner of the Legends Award.

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Those of us who have been watching the industry for a long time are still excited about fast casual and its future.
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And the situation could be a preview for restaurants throughout the country, parties on either side of the matter say. Is menu labeling required or not?
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A powerful chain is poking a toe into breakfast, a new restaurant job is taking shape, a wave of restaurant IPOs appear to be on the horizon, and not every brand sees magic in order-ahead apps.