In addition to popularizing Cajun and Creole food, he helped American cuisine gain respect on the world stage.
bud beer
What’s the outlook for restaurant operators who have traditionally played the two suppliers against one another?

Restaurant owners who fail to meet the new regulations will incur fines anywhere from $250 to $1,000.
Insurance charges cut into net income, and revenue growth trailed the rise in store-level intake.
chipotle sofritas
The Center for Consumer Freedom’s latest attack ad takes issue with the chain’s tofu and beans.

The unexpected closing of all 10 outlets has left competitors wondering what happened and employees searching for a last paycheck.

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Court documents contend that Trump’s anti-Hispanic comments made it nearly impossible to open a Spanish restaurant in the real-estate mogul’s planned luxury hotel.
A slowdown in the turnaround of Yum! Brands’ Chinese operations has intensified pressure on the multi-brand franchisor to split into multiple companies.

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Three in five consumers (60%) say sweet is the flavor they typically crave, making it the most craveable flavor.
employee handbook

Can an employee sue for wrongful termination and violation of employee handbook policy if they are terminated immediately due to theft? Advice Guy weighs in.

H.I.G. Capital plans to grow the brand’s presence in California.
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Solo reservations are up 62 percent, according to a recent analysis.
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McDonald’s rivals took to social media to offer opinions on the burger giant’s latest move.