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10 trends emerging from top growth chains

Commonalities among the fastest-growing small chains in America provide a glimpse at some of the patterns disrupting the restaurant industry.

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Top 500 2018

Chain restaurants faced another tough year in 2017. Still, well over half of the restaurant industry’s $536.8 billion came from the Top 500 chains, as ranked by Technomic.

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Recent Stories

New research shows that restaurant customers may eat elsewhere because of employees’ dirty fingernails or uniforms.

The company wants its founder to stop doing media appearances after a series of interviews over the weekend.

The agreement with Washington’s attorney general comes as the chief legal officers of 11 other states are pursuing an investigation into the practice.

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Takeout orders helped boost casual dining, but traffic was still a problem.

Rates rose for both hourlies and managers, says TDn2K.

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Some of the sweeping changes affecting restaurants brought smaller but noteworthy quick alterations in recent days. Here's a chance to catch up on Chick-fil-A's new venture, what's happening in delivery, and an important new twist on straw bans.

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The company’s decision follows its founder’s resignation after using a racial slur.

Check out these four versatile ways to use plant-based foods on the menu.

Giving classic menu items a new twist of flavor is easy with marinades, sauces and dressings.

Here’s why the chain will need to make big changes, and probably needed to even before John Schnatter’s racial slur, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

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