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Why Starbucks is suddenly struggling

The chain has too many stores and has raised prices too aggressively, and bad PR hasn’t helped, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

10 Groundbreaking Concepts - 2018

See RB’s latest list of concepts that are breaking ground, from menu to technology and more.

Emerging Brands

The 10 fastest-growing emerging chains in 2018

Restaurant Business offers a sneak peek at this year's Future 50 emerging brands.

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Recent Stories

With increased competition from across foodservice segments, QSR operators have had to readjust the way they do business in order to remain successful.

The portion of servers’ wages paid by restaurant employers will rise to $15 an hour.

In the second episode of Restaurant Business' "A Deeper Dive" podcast, Technomic Managing Principal Joe Pawlak talks about the companies that are doing well, and those that aren't, among the Top 500 restaurant chains.

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Rates rose for both hourlies and managers, says TDn2K.

Same-store sales were flat for the month, and traffic continued to decline.

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The coffee chain announced plans to slow growth, signaling its worst-performing quarter in nearly a decade.

The company says it will serve only chicken raised without human antibiotics by 2022.

In a bid for simplicity, Ninety Nine Restaurants, O’Charley’s are splitting from Village Inn and Bakers Square, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Cicely Simpson split with the association on Friday, without a public explanation. But Beltway reports say her department had suffered.

The Memphis-based company bought locations in Alabama and Florida.

Check out these four tips for stepping up your blended burger game.

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