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20 Under 20

20 under 20 units

Restaurant Business identified the 20 fastest-growing small chains that have fewer than 20 units, at least 20% sales growth from 2015 to 2016, and under $25 million in total sales.


20 top full-service chains in satisfaction and sales

When it comes to restaurant brands, the sales leaders are not always consumers’ favorites for a variety of reasons. Chains best at parlaying customer satisfaction into sales are hard to beat.

Consumer Trends

The 10 most alluring LTOs in August

Consumers reveal which limited-time offers they are most likely to order based on the name and description.

Recent Stories

Recent Stories

More ambitious alcoholic beverages are flowing in fast casuals.

See how an ice cream concept is "rescuing" food scraps to boost sustainability and marketing power.

The recognition of the industry's boldest user of technology was bestowed on a college operation rather than a conventional restaurant.

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Sous vide and other old-school methods impart flavor and peace of mind.

Tesla is looking to make restaurants a part of its business plan, and that was only one of the revelations from FSTEC's first day.

The chain's parent company has decided not to reopen stores that were closed by Hurricane Harvey.

The 50-year-old chain will now be a sister concept to Hot Dog on a Stick and Pretzelmaker.

Restaurants influenced more than food trends this week. Just ask those waifs in outlandish outfits who strutted the runways this week in New York City.

Operators are adding haircuts, carnival games, virtual reality and more to draw diners.