eatsa virtual food
The frictionless-service model was selected as Restaurant Business' 2016 Tech Accelerator of the Year.
restaurant technology
Speculation about the next big thing was rampant among the 800-plus attendees of FSTEC, the industry's annual re-up on technology trends.

waffle sandwich milk bar
Operators are getting creative with waffles beyond their traditional applications.
schedule time clock
Passage of so-called secure scheduling would make Oregon the first state to adopt the restrictions on shift changes.
mcdonalds play place exterior
A new test could spur the first significant change to the chain’s kids meal in over 30 years.

bieber smith
Developments that seemed improbable a short while ago were reclassified this week as distinct possibilities. And that includes the chance of seeing more In-N-Outs in cosmopolitan centers.

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poke bowl seaweed salad
Poke is the new “it” food of the fast-casual industry, with dozens of poke-focused concepts launching over the last year or so.
pie five pizza exterior
The dual-concept brand posted steep declines for its fast-casual entrant, but positive comps for an older QSR brand.

ruby tuesday
The troubled casual chain said the cost-cutting measures are necessary after 95 company-run restaurants were tagged for closing.
ocharleys exterior
The longtime industry veteran is the second recent departure from American Blue Ribbon's C-suite.
commercial kitchen utensils

Commissary kitchens are a useful tool for operators, especially for those with multiple concepts. Advice Guy explains why using a central commissary rather than opening several is beneficial for many operators.

chipotle orlando exterior
Here’s a review of what Chipotle says it has done, with some of the spin negated.
technology options palm hand
Before spending on new hardware or software, be sure to ask these questions first.