paul prudhomme
The New Orleans culinary scene reflects on the impact of one of its most celebrated chefs.
soda pop coke glass
Consumers’ changing tastes and wallet watching are to blame.

bud beers
The merger announced this morning would create a European behemoth controlling about one-third of the beer market.
pigs grazing
Roughly two in five consumers strongly agree that it is important that the environment is not negatively impacted by the beef (44%) and pork (40%) they eat.
smashburger bbq bacon cheddar burger
The Asian giant is paying an estimated $134 million for the minority interest.

Lunch customers won’t have to choose between a burger or nuggets.

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The unlikely trio of pumpkin, truffles and cyber-security insurance are giving restaurateurs a pre-Halloween scare.
Garner will be the Mexican chain’s first chief information officer.

Paul Prudhomme
Prudhomme’s 58-year career in the food industry, cut short this week by his death at age 75, changed the American palate and indelibly stamped menus. Here’s, in timeline form, is how it happened.
here to serve website
CEO Leigh Catherall said she’d need sizable investor help to get the restaurant group running again.
beer steins
A new study finds local establishments disappearing at a rate of more than 600 per month.
The toasted-sandwich chain is centralizing its global leadership.
The new law gives franchisees what are viewed as the strongest protections in the nation.