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Is Uber competing with restaurants for workers?

In a tight labor market, the gig economy is adding a new wrinkle to the industry’s labor challenges.

Power 20

Power 20: Top Investors

These are the incubators, operating companies, deal-makers and, above all else, funders of some of the biggest moves in the restaurant industry.

8 Ways to Sell More Snacks

8 Ways to Sell More Snacks

The “snack kings” that stand out among restaurant chains not only understand snackers’ behaviors, they are tuned into the top snacking trends. Here’s how to tap into those trends and sell more snacks.

Recent Stories

Recent Stories

The chain goes beyond soda and lemonade to drive sales for the alcohol-free crowd.

Pandan is one of the ingredients starting to pop up in independent restaurants.

Lowcountry makes plans to scale up by launching a fast casual-full service combo.

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Employee turnover is up after teasing the industry with plateauing numbers this summer.

The impact of hurricanes in Texas and Florida may mask a turn in the right direction for sales and traffic counts, according to new data.

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What’s in a name? Plenty for these notable chefs, who have undergone recent legal battles over theirs.

Technomic finds that similar consumer demands—such as increased snacking and plant-forward plates—are driving menus around the world.

Only 19% of CEOs in foodservice are women, a recent panel noted.

The system uses voice recognition to take orders and answer questions.

The first in a series of hearings was convened Friday to gauge the public's opinion on disallowing the break in pay for the employers of tipped employees.

By focusing on speed-scratch beverages, restaurants can appeal to a variety of customers without blowing food and labor budgets.