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Comps at the operator’s two brands increased.
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The acquisition of a majority stake gives it a foothold in the breakfast-and-lunch-only market.

panera mediterranean veggie sandwich
The chain plans to bring in-house delivery capabilities to more than 10 percent of its system this year.
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37% of consumers strongly agree that they would order bundled mix-and-match snacks from restaurants, if they were available.
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There are other ways to get guests to leave after close than the not-so-subtle mopping around the table. Advice Guy gives his suggestions.

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While bigger operations were touting seasonal tie-ins, several smaller restaurant concepts were drawing attention with novel menu additions. Here's a sampler plate.

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Competing Mexican concepts took a backseat.
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Recent high-profile developments prove the restaurant business can really bite you in the butt.

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The ballpark favorite will get the flame-broiled treatment.
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If there’s no celebrity chef tie-in, newcomers are betting on accountability as points of difference.
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Net income, however, continued to fall.
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Items such as bottled water count as groceries, not ready-to-eat food.
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A new initiative aims to demonstrate restaurants’ key social and economic roles.