The ratio of CEO to worker compensation is the second highest among all U.S. companies, the research finds.
A business group opposed to the city-approved wage increase gathered sufficient signatures to trigger a referendum.

Chipotle bowl
The suit alleges that the concept’s claims of a GMO-free menu are misleading to consumers.
The chain acknowledged last week that a glitch occasionally miscalculates tips but is being fixed.
The landmark power-lunch spot was the prototype for a namesake chain of high-end steakhouses featuring caricatures of local celebrities on the walls.

The burger chain’s attempt to trademark the name of its new Chicken Shack sandwich was denied, as the phrase was deemed too closely related to a local chain of chicken restaurants titled Chicken Shack.

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The family-restaurant chain’s new leaders seek to update its menu and expand the brand’s footprint to build awareness among young diners.
The franchisor told the media it has no record of a franchisee’s warnings about the behavior of former spokesman Jared Fogle. The former CEO of Subway’s ad co-op told the AP he had no knowledge, either.

The new item features antibiotic-free meat.
In a reminder that it, too, sells burgers, the family chain said it would love to collaborate on a Slopper or Whoppaslam.
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A recent survey from Technomic found restaurant operators are cutting purchasing costs by an average of 12 to 13 percent (including shipping) by buying online.
Solo diners are driving up the frequency of snacks eaten during traditional mealtimes, says The NPD Group, a trend that is expected to gain traction over the next five years.
Independent burger concepts are growing at a faster rate than chains, recent data shows.