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More than three in five consumers say chicken (67%) and turkey (61%) are healthier alternatives to beef and pork. -Technomic Center of the Plate Poultry Consumer Trend Report

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Brands Trend + Sentiment - Sentiment SP Score
Whataburger ↑ 5% 76% 24% 46
Newk's ↑ 15% 100% 0% 100
Logan's ↑ 10% 68% 32% 38
Rosa Mexicano ↑ 8% 80% 20% 57

SP Score = Propensity of a reviewer to return to a concept or recommend it to other consumers.

Last Updated on 7-29-2014

By Peter Romeo, Vice President & Editorial Director

A preliminary decision by the National Labor Relations Board could redefine franchisor-franchisee relations and burden chains with staggering new obligations and risks.

By Kelly Killian, Executive Editor

Four years after multiple frozen-yogurt concepts landed in our Future 50's top 10, the list is down to one. Has the fro-yo craze reached its cold, swirly peak?

By Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor

Some new restaurants prefer to stay under the radar on opening day, building momentum as they hit their stride. Others open with a bang. The latter was the case when Chicago’s long-anticipated River Roast held its opening party with high-profile Chef Tony Mantuano of Spiaggia fame at the helm.

By Sara Rush, Associate Editor

According to Technomic’s recent 2014 Generational Consumer Trend Report, 40 percent of millennials rate fast service highly important when deciding which QSR or fast casual to visit. But sometimes stats don’t tell the full story.

By Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius

Despite having major online presence, many “trendy” foods don’t make much of a dent on menus, which begs the question: What makes a trend a trend?