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On its surface, cutting cooks in on the tip pool can seem like an easy way to address pay disparity without necessitating that the restaurant raise wages.

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The industry can only hope the court and social media developments of the past week will not be true precedents.

portillos hot dogs
Hot dog and sausage chains are trending in fast casual and casual dining, thanks to affordable ingredients and a variety of flavors.
ichiran opening slide
Take a look at the latest list of new concepts and upcomers that have piqued our interest.
The troubled chain is putting more emphasis on technology, menu changes and marketing, along with rolling out a new store design.

shophouse bowl drink
The burrito chain is deciding what to do with the upstart Asian venture. In the meantime, it's halted investment in the secondary brand to concentrate on Chipotle, Pizzeria Locale and the new burger venture.

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Customers in the San Francisco area can order off the full menu until 3 a.m.
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Four new flavors dethrone Sriracha to become the fastest-growing menu flavors.

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Results for the third quarter show an improvement over the prior period, but underscore how far the onetime high flyer still has to go in its turnaround.
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Technomic President Darren Tristano discusses restaurant concepts projected to grow in 2017.
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Here's what places have scored highest on Yelp, and why.
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So-called "secure scheduling" is becoming a standard in Northern California.
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Take a look at some operations leading the next wave of Greek-inspired fare.