One person has died and 248 people have been sickened by bacteria traced to a barbecue restaurant in Lexington, N.C. Six lawsuits have been filed.
About half of the polished-casual chain will be converted to the new concept.

The restaurants will feature a pared-down version of the hit full-service BBQ place that Justin Timberlake opened in New York City.
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Nearly half of consumers (46%) look for low prices from foodservice because they can eat out more often if each meal is low in cost.
To keep your concept a few steps ahead of the competition, here is a look at what’s next—those products that take a deeper dive into emerging trends.

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Is it possible for a restaurant to be successful if it only serves lunch? Advice Guy weighs in.

The casual-dining chain debuted a social media-based “buy a burger, give a burger” promotion.
The ban taking effect Wednesday has taught many places that being more green will cost more green, too.

The increase will impact an estimated 20,000 workers, including many in the restaurant industry. Three-Michelin-starred restaurant Grace has already announced higher menu prices attributed to the city’s incremental wage hike.
The capital is expected to be spent on building an infrastructure as well as more restaurants.
Shareholders of Levy Acquisition Corp. approved the merger Tuesday, with an eye toward accelerating the chain’s growth nationwide.
This week’s update on turnaround efforts finds some bold moves—and some daunting challenges on customer satisfaction.
Food residue is blown off plates with high-pressure compressed air.