chipotle workers line
Employees learned of new food safety policies, including mandatory stay-at-home requirements.
red lobster exterior
A network show will blast the chain tonight.

man ideas square
Here are some notions we bring to your attention for, um, inspiration.
Social media fans blasted the seafood chain over its response to a shout-out in Beyonce’s newest single.
valentines day for one
Nearly half plan to share their restaurant experiences on social media.

taco bell quesalupa
After considerable hype, even one of the involved chains acknowledged the suspense had waned.

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tomato avocado toast
40% of consumers say they are snacking on healthier foods more now than they were two years ago.
While every store is closed, here’s what the chainwide briefing will likely cover.

fuddruckers burger fries
The deal includes a three-pound burger, a pound of fries and a challenge.
money cash hand wage
The state is the latest to consider raising its minimum wage to that level.
Valentine's Day restaurant promotions
Here’s how some concepts are spicing up sales on the industry’s second-busiest day of the year.
x files logo square
A conspiracy theory for Chipotle’s problems wasn’t the only eerie development.
kfc colonel square
We asked our in-house experts who they think will soon be in a white suit and string tie.