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Nearly half of Hispanics (46%) highly prioritize a family-friendly atmosphere when deciding which location to visit and 69% of Hispanic consumers say restaurants are an ideal place to spend quality ti

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Brands Trend + Sentiment - Sentiment SP Score
KFC ↑ 10% 50% 50% 4
Newk's ↑ 15% 100% 0% 100
Famous Dave's ↓ -12% 60% 40% 22
Smith & Wollensky ↑ 4% 81% 19% 58

SP Score = Propensity of a reviewer to return to a concept or recommend it to other consumers.

Last Updated on 10-7-2014

By Peter Romeo, Director of Digital Content

Decreased recording sales have copyright enforcers targeting restaurants more intently, but that’s not the only fright for restaurateurs.

By Kelly Killian, Editor

Fine dining has evolved, adapting a more humble and more accessible attitude to appeal to more wallet-conscious customers.

By Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor

Operators feeling the pain from high beef prices are looking for ways to menu proteins that are more profitable. They might take a few cues from Puerto Rico—a country that gives the pig a place of honor at the table.

By Sara Rush, Associate Editor

A first glance at Headquarters Beercade reveals an obvious attention to the games in relation to the overall design, layout and even the menu. But a deeper look uncovers some stealable operational ideas that are viable beyond a Chicago arcade.

By Justin Massa, CEO of Food Genius

“Artisanal toast is taking the nation by storm,” reads a recent headline from Meanwhile, Food Genius reports that less than 1 percent of nearly 60 million menu items mention the word “toast.” That’s quite a discrepancy. How can something that is supposedly taking the nation by storm be listed as a menu item less than 1 percent of the time?