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There's other ways to get guests to leave after close than the not-so-subtle mopping around the table. Advice Guy gives his suggestions.

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Competing Mexican concepts took a backseat.

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Recent high-profile developments prove the restaurant business can really bite you in the butt.
burger king grilled hot dogs
The ballpark favorite will get the flame-broiled treatment.
chkchk chicken sandwich
If there’s no celebrity chef tie-in, newcomers are betting on accountability as points of difference.

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49% of consumers strongly agree that foods they’d typically eat as snacks are different from foods they’d eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Net income, however, continued to fall.
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Items such as bottled water count as groceries, not ready-to-eat food.

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A new initiative aims to demonstrate restaurants’ key social and economic roles.
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A look at spots of interest opening this winter.
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Nontraditional foodservice outlets want more leeway.
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The chain promises customers a free pizza if they aren’t fans of their first one.
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Employees learned of new food safety policies, including mandatory stay-at-home requirements.