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50 Great Ideas 2018

These 50 ideas go beyond what’s “cool” to deliver smart, trend-forward solutions that might just serve as an inspiration for others.

Future 50 2018

These emerging brands reveal trends in menu, operations and more that are poised to bubble up throughout the industry.

Top 500 Chains

Top 500 2018

Chain restaurants faced another tough year in 2017. Still, well over half of the restaurant industry’s $536.8 billion came from the Top 500 chains, as ranked by Technomic.

Recent Stories

Recent Stories

The coffee chain is courting health-focused customers amid a Frappuccino sales slump.

The company reported its second-straight profitable quarter.

Check out these four key areas of technology that are disrupting the established way of doing things and creating opportunities for restaurants.

Restaurant Business
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Despite easy comparisons, the restaurant industry continued to lose customers.

Takeout orders helped boost casual dining, but traffic was still a problem.

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Restaurant Business

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Franchisee leaders back the company’s response to the John Schnatter controversy.

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