As shoppers prepare to drop major dough online, restaurant brands angle for a piece of the spending spree.
subway restaurant
The move is the latest shift to promote alternatives to a $5 Footlong.

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And a high proportion don’t even perceive the danger, according to the survey.
christmas candles holiday table
Here’s a review of what forecasters foresee for the crucial year-end business season.
The lodging giant has yet to say how many places or customers were affected by the security breach.

dominos cheese pizza
Why make customers sweat through the labor of having to text or open an app?

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Restaurants are piggybacking on the day’s bargain-hunting mania with some kind of deal—many of which extend throughout the weekend and the holiday season.
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Utah regulators say they’re not sure, and that’s complicating the coffee giant’s growth plan there.

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It also pledges transparency about what it serves.
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The company argues that its bankruptcy filing should have discharged the need to pay.
$5 breakfasts delivered from McDonald’s, Applebee’s bid for snackers, Bob Evans’ turkey trot.
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The fast-casual chain is undergoing a rebranding effort.
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The seafood chain is increasing the size of the shellfish used in a majority of its shrimp offerings.