fuddruckers burger fries
The deal includes a three-pound burger, a pound of fries and a challenge.
money cash hand wage
The state is the latest to consider raising its minimum wage to that level.

Valentine's Day restaurant promotions
Here’s how some concepts are spicing up sales on the industry’s second-busiest day of the year.
x files logo square
A conspiracy theory for Chipotle’s problems wasn’t the only eerie development.
kfc colonel square
We asked our in-house experts who they think will soon be in a white suit and string tie.

old country buffet
Five chains with units across the U.S. are affected by the mass shutdown.

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hands fries snack
56% of snack purchased at foodservice are planned while 44% are spur of the moment.
When every store closes, here’s what the chainwide briefing will likely cover.

subway footlong
Although the deal is just a memory, fans will never forget that painfully catchy jingle—try as they might.
huhot mongolian grill
It now has a stake in the Mongolian barbecue market.
pizza hut gold
The industry isn’t letting a golden marketing opportunity pass it by.
kfc taco bell yum
Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut saw gains as their parent pushes forward with unit growth.
dunkin donuts coffee cups
A new strategy is underway for 2016, the chain’s parent company says.