Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry

Beverage Articles

More ambitious alcoholic beverages are flowing in fast casuals.

Sweet, refreshing and infinitely slurpable, frozen beverages are in a class by themselves.

The restaurant industry's second-largest chain reached into retailing for the next leader of its domestic operations and corporate COO.

The resurging burger giant is going systemwide with a new line of espresso drinks, updated equipment and a distinct design for McCafe.

Take your cocktails out of the glass and into one of these creative carriers.

With noticeable caution but high hopes, chains are seeing how they can include a bottle or six-pack with off-premise orders.

Drum up interest and tap into trends with short-term drink offerings.

They're coming from a land Down Under to make their mark on the coffee cafe segment.

Bartenders put in the effort and leave out the booze to craft options for the nondrinking crowds.

Chinese and Indian drinks and a Japanese snack start to make waves on U.S. menus.