Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry

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For many consumers, the definition of healthy has shifted from meaning simply low calorie/low sugar to foods that have a higher transparency of ingredients.

For many people, watermelon is the essential summer food. Its clean, crisp refreshing flavor has universal appeal, especially in the warmer months.

Expanded drink lists cater to consumers' knowledge and interests.

Operators are recouping dollars through off-premise booze.

Today’s consumers are increasingly health-conscious. From natural sweeteners to lower calorie options, many diners are interested in better-for-you food and drinks.

Restaurants are still grappling with the potential effects of wildfires in Napa.

Shifting beverage consumption leads chains to change their drink offerings.

Sweetened-beverage taxes are leaving behind a bitter taste for operators.

See which flavors and preparations are trending in seasonal cocktails, mocktails and other beverages.

One fruit that’s making waves in the cocktail world is the blueberry. Small but mighty, this fruit lends itself well to a wide range of spirits and other cocktail bases.