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See which 10 chains are winning with beef that consumers say they can’t get anywhere else.

Authenticity and kitchen cleanliness, among other traits, stick out to the consumer group.

China is poised to eclipse the U.S. as a hotbed of activity.

Attendees of the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference learned how the global market varies from region to region, but in other respects is a small world. Here are some of the overseas trends that might sound familiar to U.S. operators, though sometimes with a twist.

As the restaurant business continues to meet hurdles and headwinds in the current year, these forces will steer the industry in the next.

The recent ranking, compiled by Grubhub and financial site GOBankingRates, features mostly college towns.

Patrons’ visitation results from strong ties with restaurants’ values.

Diners continue to seek spicy flavors and out-there combinations.

These 10 quick-service brands are creating a bond with diners more effectively than others.

One brand stood out among the eateries preferred by teens, who continue to spend more at restaurants than they do at clothing stores.