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A newly formed national organization is aiming to combat proposals for disallowing the credit.

A proposal to allow tip sharing between front- and back-of-house employees has touched off a firestorm. Here is what the two sides are saying about the plan, which is awaiting action from the Department of Labor.

Want customers to buy in to new flavors? Start with servers’ selling skills.

Higher wages are putting pressure on chains to grow sales in a tough environment.

The week's big announcements, from completion of the Arby's-BWW merger to the newest wrinkles in Chipotle's turnaround plan, sometimes overshadowed small revelations with big implications. Here are a few of those tidbits you likely missed.

Public comments on a proposal to allow tips to be shared with back-of-house staff have been plentiful and negative. There are also allegations the Department of Labor hid a damning projection of the rule change's impact on servers' income.

The economy added 200,000 jobs and wage growth improved.

Employers often discourage staff romances. But Barteca, the parent of Barcelona and Bartaco, has found that giving Cupid some leeway makes a lot more sense.

President Trump's address Tuesday night touched on several issues with particular relevance to restaurants. Here's a review of those points.

In 36 years at Pal’s Sudden Service, CEO Thom Crosby has only lost seven general managers across 26 units. Check out the chain’s approach to crushing employee turnover.