Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh

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Here are four tips for putting seafood on the menu successfully and standing out from the crowd during Lent.

Watching the telecast of the 2018 Academy Awards calls for some Oscars-worthy food and drinks. These five recipes will help get the party started.

With a few strategy tweaks, menu revamps and maybe an added service or two, the midday daypart can thrive.

Mainstream concepts try to stay on top of menu trends—without going off the rails.

Customization has moved beyond mains to take over side dishes.

Chains, put these ingredients on your culinary radar.

American diners put ranch dressing on everything from French fries to pizza.

For operators looking to boost sales by offering warm, comforting foods, be sure to keep these ideas in mind.

Using soups as an ingredient, sauce or other speed-scratch helper can be an easy, delicious way to create signature dishes.

The chain is removing cheeseburgers from the meals as part of a bid to make them more nutritious.