Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh

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To continue pushing the bar forward, restaurants can make moves to clean up their operations. Check out these three ways that operators are answering consumers’ call for increased sustainability.

The chain will also menu a new side and a new appetizer.

These six recipes fit the bill for big catered events to seasonal lunches or dinners to holiday meals that call for festive desserts.

A blended option at Burgh'ers now brings in 10-15% of weekly revenue.

Full-service operators move sweets beyond the after-dinner niche to capture sales.

Supplementing an existing menu to emphasize appetizers, sides, shareables and small plates can help boost sales during this key period.

The chain is promoting three holiday offerings, two of which are new.

These recipes focus on global preparations and other dishes with smaller portions of meat balanced by vegetables, fruit and other ingredients. Read on to find out how.

LTOs are the lifeblood of restaurant operations, particularly in the hyper-competitive chain marketplace.

The Double Doozies will be available in three flavors.