Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh

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Chicken is the most popular protein on America’s menus, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor. Explore some new ways to menu the bird with these five recipes.

From dips to drizzles, sauces today are every bit as important as they were in the days of Auguste Escoffier.

Although “healthy” means different things to different consumers, for restaurant goers, it often means natural ingredients.

See how an ice cream concept is "rescuing" food scraps to boost sustainability and marketing power.

Sous vide and other old-school methods impart flavor and peace of mind.

French foods and concepts are “tres chic” right now.

Operators continue to seize the opportunity to raise the bar on cheese in a variety of ways.

In these six recipes, plant foods such as vegetables, grains and nuts are complemented with flavorful ingredients and, in some cases, small amounts of protein.

LTOs and other menu specials create buzz, build traffic and help keep the menu fresh and on-trend.

See which toppings and crust types are cresting on this indulgent favorite.