New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

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A Southern restaurant in Chicago focused its massive renovation on frying more chicken and, potentially, keeping and recruiting more line cooks.

Lowcountry makes plans to scale up by launching a fast casual-full service combo.

The casual chain is looking at kitchen-only formats after shrinking the size and tweaking the back of house of its conventional stores.

The time frame for potential contamination was longer than authorities first indicated. Meanwhile, the outbreak has spread to 16 states.

Speakers at this year’s event offered up some unforgettable comments.

There are ways to prevent diners from taking too much, such as letting them know just how much they're discarding, Advice Guy says.

The annual Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix provided confirmation for some things we already knew and perhaps a few we didn’t—like the inevitability of alcohol delivery.

A 66-year-old victim who was hospitalized for kidney failure said she was poisoned by a salad sold by a New Jersey unit.

The half-day training, to be held May 29, follows widespread outrage after the arrest of two black men accused of trespassing by chain employees.

Food halls are expected to triple in the coming two years.