New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Did IHOP's publicity stunt hurt Applebee's?

This week's head-spinning restaurant moments included a suggestion in court that the "b" in IHOb stood for "bad news for Applebee's." That's just one of the long-shot gambles that came to light as oddsmakers considered the likelihood of restaurants charging into sports betting and who'll win the chain vs. independent bout.


Chipotle plans massive employee retraining after foodborne illness source ID’d

A bacterium found in food left at improper temperatures is to blame for the recent outbreak that sickened nearly 700 in Ohio.

In short, be happy if you can get someone to take it off your hands, Advice Guy says.

With same-store sales relatively flat at Potbelly Corp., chain executives are feeling optimistic.

Samples have been sent to the CDC for further tests.

Samples have been sent to the CDC for further tests.

From a quality perspective, two to four hours is the limit, but safety is another story, Advice Guy says.

Starbucks has vowed to cut unit-level administrative tasks in half, while Del Frisco’s is reducing its dependence on beef. And those aren’t the only ways restaurant operators are subtly improving their lot.

The criminal enterprise is believed to have swiped credit card information for 15 million consumers.

The company and some of its vendors are funding a refresh expected to be complete by next summer.