Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D. is our Advice Guy and Professor of Culinary Arts and Food Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is the author of six books, including They Eat That? A Cultural Encyclopedia of "Weird" Foods (ABC-CLIO, 2012).

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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.

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Restaurants are open to the public, and if someone really wants to know what you’re up to, they will, Advice Guy says.

The labor crunch means owners and managers may have to help out the front of house. But they are not typically considered tipped employees, Advice Guy says.

The old saying that "a pint's a pound the world around" doesn't always apply, Advice Guy says.

The answer may prompt employers to consider an alternate way of delivering meeting material, Advice Guy says.

Fresh wasabi is very expensive and comes from Japan, but other versions of the product can still be considered real, Advice Guy says.

Operators must balance what feels right with what makes sense for their business, Advice Guy says.

The basic process is simple and doable for just about any operator, Advice Guy says.

Here are some questions prospective buyers should ask when considering an investment in a leased space, Advice Guy says.

In short, be happy if you can get someone to take it off your hands, Advice Guy says.

From a quality perspective, two to four hours is the limit, but safety is another story, Advice Guy says.

Restaurants continue to have high rates of underinsured or uninsured workers. Here are some things operators can do to help, Advice Guy says.

The process works best at room temperature, which tends to be a food safety danger zone, Advice Guy says.