Working Lunch

Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.


How Chicago restaurants got burned by their own advocate

Working Lunch: The Illinois Restaurant Association threw in the towel without so much as making a fist.


Restaurants might have dodged a bullet with DOL's overtime-pay proposal. Here's why.

Working Lunch: Restaurants will feel the impact, but the new rules could have been far worse.

Working Lunch: "This fundamentally changes labor relations in the U.S," says host Franklin Coley.

Working Lunch: The strategy that changed what items can be sold in California, Massachusetts and New Jersey could be refocused on other protein sources, driving up the cost of beef and poultry.

Working Lunch: Proponents of killing the tip credit through referendum were spared a tougher fight.

Working Lunch: Relying on a computer brain to sift through resumes for the ideal candidate could raise challenges about the criteria that are set by the employer.

Working Lunch: The Industrial Welfare Commission has until October 2024 to issue its recommendations for changing pay within specific trades. Here's how that process will work.

Working Lunch: The SEIU was successful in recreating the 1920s-era Industrial Welfare Commission, with the power to set pay within industries with a large portion of low-wage earners.

Working Lunch: The industry is tacking on service fees cavalierly. Is that attitude about to backfire in the form of regulation?

Working Lunch: It's an often-overlooked channel with plenty of room for growth, according to a lobbyist in the trenches.

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