Working Lunch

Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.


Trump's promise to end taxes on tips could put Democrats on their heels

Working Lunch: The effort may be more of a feint, but it's a visible test of the pro-labor party's true commitment to boosting worker incomes.


Here's what the presidential candidates are promising for the restaurant business

Working Lunch: Both Trump and Biden are pledging moves that the industry would readily feel.

Working Lunch: Justin Winslow, CEO of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association, joins the podcast to talk about his group’s successful fight against a state ballot initiative.

Working Lunch: "We may be on the verge of having an organizing effort in the fine-dining segment."

Working Lunch: The new process is already being used against single-unit operations.

Working Lunch: Unions say they want the practice stopped. But their real aim is to alienate the Black community.

Working Lunch: Minneapolis is essentially testing the portability of the controversial Golden State model.

Working Lunch: The Biden administration doesn't get that those aren't true "junk fees."

Working Lunch: The trend promises to cost employers plenty of money and sweat if they hope to prevail.

Working Lunch: The podcast from Align Public Strategies features a discussion of a portable benefits pilot program as well as the media uproar over California’s $20 fast food wage.

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