Working Lunch

Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.


Politicians are quietly creating a new route for restaurants to sell wine

Working Lunch: It's an often-overlooked channel with plenty of room for growth, according to a lobbyist in the trenches.


Minn. is set to give restaurants a preview of the Fast Act's impact

Working Lunch: Nursing-home workers will now get a say in what they should be paid, a setup organized labor views as an alternate way of delivering the benefits of collective bargaining. Restaurants need to push back on what's now a trend.

Working Lunch: The high-flying chain is drawing fire for hiring a head of diversity, equity and inclusion. Is any brand safe from the nation's political polarization?

Working Lunch: The violation of child-labor laws by a few bad actors are tarnishing the whole business' image as a place to work. And the volume is about to go way up.

Working Lunch: The mayoral contests yielded little insight on what's ahead for restaurants politically.

Working Lunch: Incoming chief Brandon Johnson has plans to push several measures that would have a big impact on restaurants.

Working Lunch: A few bad players are making the whole business look bad. And yet there's worse to come.

Working Lunch: The Bud Light and Disney controversies show how businesses can be sucked in.

Working Lunch: A liberal court's ending of a local ban on gas-powered kitchen equipment was a win for restaurants everywhere.

Working Lunch: Both of their newly announced initiatives add up to sound long-term business decisions.

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