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Future 50: Emerging Brands

Future 50 2019

Which industry trends are gaining traction? What's garnering consumer interest? These emerging chains are the growth vehicles to watch—the ones poised to be major industry players in the coming years. The fastest-growing small chains in America represent a mixed bag of trends, but they have one thing in common: impressive growth in both sales and unit count.

Future 50: Emerging Brands

10 trends from The Future 50

What do these successful emerging brands predict about next-generation concepts?

Check out Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, providing a peek at the data as well as insights into the shifts and trends impacting the industry.

Without these ground-breakers, the restaurant business may have been much different today.

Back-of-house tech has come a long way since crushed ice dispensers were considered innovative.

Bold attempts to disrupt the business often fizzled, but not before influencing the industry’s direction.

Innovators that dared to challenge the norm had a major impact on operations.

Veteran industry leaders weigh in on what they expect next and how it will affect the industry.

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The industry's largest trade show turns a century old. See it evolve through the years.

These are consumers' favorite brands for each menu type, from bakery cafe to steak.

Data shows which brands saw a drop-off in guest satisfaction ratings.

The fast-casual market has become very diversified, but it's still the sandwich chains that are winning praise from consumers.

Consumers’ most loved chains aren’t just focused on one aspect of their restaurants—they are winning in service, ambiance and convenience, along with the food.

These are the country's top-rated family-dining brands.

Data reveals which brands are tops in guest satisfaction.

As proof that sales don’t always equate to consumer preference, only one of the 10 largest chains by sales made this list.

Even the most loved casual chains are hurting for sales growth. Two of consumers' top five brands made major changes over the past year to try to correct that loss.

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Industry experts name their favorite meals of the year.

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