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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


How flexible are landlords being on rent? Not much, NYC restaurants find

Still, they're getting only a portion of restaurant rents because places just can't afford to pay, new research indicates.


Relations sour between Pizza Hut and one of its oldest operators

The bankruptcy of giant franchisee NPC International reveals tensions between the 58-year-old company and its franchisor.

The industry added about 1.5 million new jobs last month but remain far off pre-pandemic levels.

The company, which is also Wendy’s largest operator, has been struggling with massive debt levels.

Loans will continue to be offered to small businesses for another five weeks, but Treasury Secretary Mnuchin had raised the possibility of using the remaining funds specifically to help restaurants.

The company said it will not reopen any dining rooms for another three weeks amid a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

The chain is making its “$5 Footlongs when you order two” promotion digital-only as the offer hurt operator profits.

The big Pizza Hut and Wendy’s operator had too much debt. But its capital structure was far from unique, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

This week’s edition of the RB podcast “A Deeper Dive” features Juan Martinez, from Profitality, talking about unit economics and the coronavirus.

7 of 10 say they would like to see more stimulus spending aimed specifically at helping the hospitality industry.

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