How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Ignore the Red Lobster problem. Sale-leasebacks are not all that bad

The decade-old sale-leaseback at the seafood chain has raised questions about the practice. But experts say it remains a legitimate financing option for operators when done correctly.


Some McDonald's customers are doubling up on the discounts

The Bottom Line: In some markets, customers can get the fast-food chain's $5 value meal for $4. The situation illustrates a key rule in the restaurant business: Customers are savvy and will find loopholes.

The agency also said that franchisors can’t take action against franchisees that take complaints about the business to the government.

The seafood chain and its creditors are aligning behind a debt-for-equity deal that would limit disruptions and expenses.

Bombshells, the concept run by strip-club operator RCI Hospitality, posted a 16.2% drop in same-store sales.

The private-equity group Carlyle has taken the Japanese market for the fast-food chicken chain private in an $835 million deal. Mitsubishi Corp., which helped establish the brand there in 1970, is exiting.

Sales at MTY Food Group concepts Wetzel’s and Cold Stone are outperforming other chains. But the economic environment is holding back its other brands.

A Deeper Dive: Kelly Roddy, CEO of Saladworks owner Woworks, joins the podcast to talk about mergers and acquisitions and the advantages of platform companies.

The market for restaurant mergers and acquisitions has been slow for more than two years. But that market is bifurcated, as good deals get done and opportunistic buyers snap up low-priced chains.

The Bottom Line: The potential bankruptcy filing of MOD Pizza further illustrates the sector’s challenges, which have worsened coming out of the pandemic.

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