How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


The Subway saga takes another turn

The Bottom Line: Just when we thought the massive deal was set to go through, the feds stepped in to have their say.


How the new hybrid workforce has changed U.S. restaurants

More than 40% of U.S. employees work at least part-time at home. The impact on where and how people dine out has been significant.

The burger chain says it expects to counter wage hikes in the state with a combination of price, margin and loyalty. But how will it affect transactions?

The 671-unit steak chain has risen to the top in a punishing economy largely by breaking the rules.

A Deeper Dive: Paul Mangiamele, the owner of Legendary Restaurant Brands, explains his decision to bring the casual dining chain back so long after it filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The Bottom Line: Large retailers are concerned about a softening consumer and already see evidence that is happening. But restaurant executives seem far more optimistic.

The Bottom Line: Major pizza chains, notably Domino’s, have lost some valuable customers to companies like DoorDash.

The federal agency has opened an investigation into the $9.6 billion sale of the sandwich giant to Roark Capital, according to Politico.

After two slow years, activity is beginning to pick up. But there is a “flight to quality” as buyers, and bankers, look for sustainable performance.

The burger giant will own 48% of McDonald’s China after agreeing to acquire a stake owned by Carlyle.

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