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Joe Guszkowski is a senior editor with Restaurant Business covering technology. When he’s not busy writing about QR codes and burger-flipping robots, he can probably be found reading, watching basketball or hanging out with his cat. He lives in Chicago.

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Joe Guszkowski

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Fogo de Chao is not your average steakhouse

The Brazilian churrasco concept, in fact, is dropping “steakhouse” from its name as it looks to highlight its unique service style and varied menu.


Uber Eats works to prune and improve its virtual brand selection

The delivery app is cracking down on restaurants that duplicate menus under different names and doing more to connect restaurants with established concepts.

The delivery company is partnering with Transact, a widely used campus payments app, to give students easy access to its restaurant marketplace.

The founder of the restaurant automation company will move on to other endeavors while the board searches for his replacement.

Who has the best deep-dish in Chicago? ChatGPT has some ideas, thanks to a new integration with the reservations website.

The company is operating fewer delivery-only food trailers and instead working to license the technology behind them.

The chain’s strategy to undershoot inflation is driving more guests to its restaurants, executives said. And it believes peak pricing is now in the rearview mirror.

The former CMO of Lazy Dog Restaurants replaces Christine Barone, who left to join Dutch Bros.

The chain is offering new operators 40 weeks of free royalties as it celebrates its 40th birthday.

The Texas-based company suspended its services over the weekend, causing problems for restaurants in multiple states.

The delivery company is enabling cash on delivery through its white-label Drive service after pizzerias asked for it.

The AI chat bot can do a little bit of everything, from writing menu descriptions to spitballing with the CEO. But its most intriguing abilities could take years to refine.

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